Help Reggie Play Fetch Again!

Reggie lives to play fetch with his tennis ball. It is a passion with him almost as important as cuddling and loving his people. Reggie is only 3 years old and he deserves to play fetch and have a normal life for many more years to come. The problem is, Reggie is already blind in one eye and quickly losing the sight in the other, so he is already having difficulty playing fetch.  You can see the sadness in his face when you throw the ball and he can’t find it. He needs cataract surgery on both eyes so that he can regain his vision and be happy, cheerful, ball playing boy he used to  be!  If  you would like to help us give Reggie his sight back you can make a donation that will go straight to his medical bills.

Help Reggie Play Fetch Again!

Well, Reggie had his cataract surgery on Tuesday, September 13.  His right eye has a detached retina, so he will not regain his sight in that eye.  But, he did have surgery on his left eye and is already seeing much better!  He has a several month recuperation period with many visits to Dr. Linton’s office, the eye specialist, and lots of eye drops!
We can’t thank you enough for your donations, support and well wishes for our boy Reggie.  He is quite a little guy, and he is fortunate to have so many of you on his side!
Nov 1 update: Reggie got adopted! Bill and his wife, Marcy,  have been fostering Reggie through his surgery and now they have made him a permanent member of the family. Yeah Reggie! We could not be happier.

It Was Raining Cockers In San Jose

We got an application from a couple in Antioch to foster for us. At that time we had dogs in foster homes around Sacramento and Central CA. Why not start a team in the San Francisco Bay Area? There are not many cockers in those shelters (or so we thought) but there are some terrific adopters and we thought it would be so much easier for them to have a SCCR representative in their area.

Then we got the first call from the San Jose shelter. They had two cockers with ear infections and were looking for a cocker rescue to help. We got Jim and Lynda Geidl introduced into the rescue business by pulling those two. Quickly, the same shelter contacted us again, three more cockers had shown up. Could we help? Talk about trial by fire! The Geidl’s stepped up and showed us what they were made of. Within two weeks they had found three foster homes, pulled five dogs and two weeks later had two adoptions. We were impressed! And delighted they were part of our group.

Their first adoption was Sadie, a 7 month-old darling chocolate cocker who came to SCCR to be re-homed.  Her owner just did not have the time to give her the care she needed.  The Geidl’s found her a wonderful home with Dawn and her son Cory from Vacaville. When they met Sadie, you could feel the love in everyone’s hearts.  Sadie found her forever loving

home and Dawn and Corey found the perfect cocker for them.  Sadie’s new name is CoCo and she is tickled pink with her new family.

Next was Elmer, a beautiful black 11 months old cocker spaniel from the San Jose Shelter.  He was found wandering the streets in San Jose.  When Don and Heather from Reno saw his picture they fell in love.  He looked so much like their cocker Bowie they lost a couple years ago, that they knew he would be the right cocker for them.

After a couple long conversations, exchanging e-mails and pictures of Elmer the meeting took place.  Don arrived to pick up Elmer the front door opened and Elmer instantly knew Don was going to be his new dad.  They both hugged each other and Elmer gave him a big wet kiss.  I guess you could say it was love at first sight!  As you can see by Elmer’s face below they both have a new best friend…each other.

Elmer is now known as Lyle and is living happily every after with Don, Heather and their two cats in Reno.

We are finding more and more dogs who need our help. We are so grateful to you for your support that allows us to meet this need. Every cocker deserves a safe and loving home. With your help we can make this happen. Donation To Help Save A Cocker.

Cruise Along The San Joaquin River Delta

Fall cruise along the San Joaquin River Delta in the Nimble Nomad.

We will sale Friday, Sept 23 or Sunday Sept 25. The first person to make a reservation will pick the date.

The cruise starts at the Stockton Sailing Club at 4:30 and includes a 6:30 dinner at either a good local Italian or Chinese restaurant or even the local In-N-Out Burger.   There will be informal snacks and beverages on the boat for the cruise portion of the event. Cruises can be on either Saturday or Sunday, and we will dine wherever you choose.  Your hosts for the evening will be Jim and Hazel Hill.

$250 for 6 people or $50 per person. Only 6 spots available. All proceeds go to the SCCR dogs!This is a great gift or a wonderful treat for friends and family.

For reservations contact Joann Reagan,, or 916-541-5149. We will schedule a Winter, Spring and Summer cruise as well.

Two Winners Ready To Go Home With You

We will be attending two adoption events this weekend. On Saturday we will be at the “Puttin’ on the Dog” Event at the Elm Street Park in Arroyo Grande and on Sunday we will be at the Dog Adoption Fair at the Antique Center Mall in Goleta. We hope to see you all there!

We will be bringing Gigi, our super  love muffin girl. She snuggles and cuddles with the best of them. 7 years old she is a high engergy girl.

Also Henry, our silly, wacky cocker mix boy. Only 4 years old he is a super dog.

Puppies, We Love Them!

Morgan is one of the handsomest puppies we have gotten in. He is so sweet and adorable.  We know he will get a good home soon. Poor boy at 12 weeks old, he is now in his fourth home. He was passed from family to family in a so/so neighborhood until the dad of the last family told a woman who contacted us. Morgan is surprisingly healthy and well socialized for having no vaccinations or medical care and being passed from home to home. We love getting puppies in. It doesn’t happen often but it sure is fun when it does.

It is Raining Cockers at SCCR in Santa Barbara

Canele, the one eyed girl

This afternoon we are picking up a 10 yr old boy from Lancaster Shelter, Monday we have to arrange transport to Santa Barbara for  17-yr old Snoopy who was rescued from an LA shelter last week. Tues, the one eyed, cocker girl from Lancaster shelter will be pulled and put into a very temporary foster home and Tues am a 10 week old cocker puppy will be brought up from Chatsworth from the gentleman who needed help. That still leaves Rambo a black and white parti in Lompoc shelter who is due to come to SCCR this week and the 9 year old boy in Agoura Hills shelter who is still waiting for us to pull him.  On top of all these dogs we just got a call Henry is being returned and will need a foster on Tuesday as well. GOT FOSTERS?? As you can see, we have our hands full and we need help! Do you know any one who can foster for us? We will pay all medical and grooming costs. Can you help?

Help Us Help Coco

Coco is at the Baldwin Shelter with a euthanasia date coming up tomorrow. We had a call from a wonderful woman offering her a foster home  and now we are working on how to get her pulled and transported in to safety.  We will need some help with her medical costs. She is blind from Glaucoma and will need surgery.  Can you help us, help Coco?

Donations to save Coco

Update on Coco:

We took little Coco in yesterday for blood-work and to schedule her two surgeries. We got the news from the blood-work this morning. Poor Coco has had diabetes and it has been untreated for so long that she has organ damage, severe enough to make the surgeries not possible. It is breaking our hearts but we have to say good-bye to this sweet, brave girl. The vet says she is suffering too much to delay. So it is with heavy hearts we say thank you all for your help and wish Coco a gentle trip over the rainbow bridge.

We thought we would save another deserving girl in Coco’s honor. There is a Cocker at Lancaster Shelter who was kicked in the eye and ended up losing it. We will be pulling her asap. For everyone who made donations for Coco, we would like to use these to pay for this new one.

August Events For SCCR


Aug 6 – Unleashed by Petco – 4333 Arden Way – Sacramento  11-3
Aug 13 – Green Acres Nursery “Dog Days of Summer” – Jackson Road, Sacramento  9-3
Aug 20 – Petsmart at 2705 Bidwell, Folsom  11-3

Aug 28 – “Woofstock” in Rocklin – 9-3


Aug 6–Dog adoptions at The Pet House, on Calle Real in Goleta, CA 12-4pm

Aug 10--Second Chance Cocker Rescue is sponsoring a Cocker Spaniel Beach Social. Come with your Cocker Spaniel or small dog and join us in an off leash romp at Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara Aug 10th and every month on the 2nd Wed from 5-7pm.

Aug 13–Dog adoptions at The Pet House, on Calle Real in Goleta, CA 12-4pm

Aug 28–Wags and Whiskers, Girsh Park Goleta

Cocker Spaniel Beach Social in Santa Barbara

Second Chance Cocker Rescue is sponsoring a Cocker Spaniel Beach Social. Come with your Cocker Spaniel or small dog and join us in an off leash romp at Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara Aug 10th and every month on the 2nd Wed from 5-7pm.

Second Chances Aren’t Just For People


Check out this article in the on our own Joann Reagan from our Sacramento team.   It also introduces Jerry.

Everyone who meets Jerry falls in love with him. He is a loving, sweet boy who would make a perfect family dog if only he could see. Due to juvenile cataracts he is blind at the young age of 3 years. He has forgotten what color the grass and sky are but he what he misses most is the love on his family’s faces. We want to give him back his sight so he can live a normal long life and find a new family to love. His surgery will be $2,000.

Donations For Jerry

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