Topper, Soon As Good As New

Video of Topper

Topper came in with dreadlocks and a bad leg.  We didn’t know how bad until we saw the x-ray. He had completely dislocated his elbow with such force it the bottom of the joint was hanging adjacent to the top of the joint. The vet said he must have been hit by a car to do that kind of damage. It was a very old injury, he had completely healed up with the joint misaligned and held in place with scar tissue. He obviously had no vet care when it happened. All his muscle on that leg has atrophied and his balance is effected. We took his x-rays to our favorite surgeon, Dr Wright at CARE hoping there was something that could be done for him. Dr Wright assured us we could have him walking on all four legs with some surgery. It will cost about $2700 but we think it is worth it.


Donations for Topper’s Surgery

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