If One Is Good, Isn’t Two Better?

Ian and Evan were inseparable.  They were rescued from the Modesto shelter and we realized right away that they had some thing special. When the Huleva’s called about Ian we thought they were wonderful potential adopters but did not want to separate the boys. Once Tamra and her husband met the two they agreed to take them both home and renamed them Bailey and Tucker. Here is an update they sent us on them.

“Hi Joann –

. . . They are both as sweet as can be!!!  Absolutely wonderful little boys!!!  Bailey is definitely happy… With his happy-go-lucky nature we get the sense he might have been content with just about anyone…  Tucker, however, looks at us with his big brown eyes as if to say he knows he has found his “home”.  Randy and I just love to see what has become a relaxed look on his little face as he’s settled in over the past several days.  They are both very snuggly and cuddly with us, too.  And the two of them continue to be best buddies… they are inseparable, and happiest when within just a few inches or at most, a few feet of the other one. . . We couldn’t be happier, and I’m pretty sure they’d say the same thing, too!

Thank you again for all you do for little ones like these!!!  We are forever grateful!!
Tamra and Randy”

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