Santa Claws Came To Folsom And Had A Great Time!

"Santa Claws" Jim

SCCR joined the PetSmart at their annual Santa Claws event in Folsom on December 17.  Jim was Santa Claws, Ed and Clark took photos, Michaeline helped with printing the photos out, Lana, Lisa, Robyn, Connie and Mary helped with handling the dogs, and Celia was our very own Elf.  We had many, many generous folks that donated throughout the day to give us a grand total of donations to $710! The volunteers and the people who stopped by our booth and table had great fun…our volunteer Mary made her famous doggie biscuits for the dogs that had their photo taken. She and Lisa also made people cookies that were not only delicious, but festive (check out our table)

Clara and Lisa, Exhausted!

Lisa also made teddy bear ornaments and had dog scarfs for sale. Celia made her scrumptious Christmas “Bark” for us.  Everyone was tired at the end of the day, even the dogs, but we all had smiles on our faces:-) Many thanks to our volunteers, our attendees and Petsmart for inviting us!

Phoebe’s Last Chance

Phoebe is a little darling who was picked up as a stray at the Stanislaus County Animal Control in Modesto.   They said she appeared to have been attacked by several dogs and pleaded with us to take her as she was such a sweet little girl, wagging her tail even though she was in pain.   As it turns out, she has a horrific case of Demodex which is a noncontagious skin condition caused by mites.   Only dogs that have a suppressed immune system will get this.    Phoebe was terribly neglected to have this get as bad as it is.   Her medical bills so far have reached $450 and we expect that to increase. Thank you for your help. Without your support we could not have rescued this deserving soul.

Donations for Phoebe

12/21/11 update:
Phoebe had an area on her front leg that opened up like a cut.  It was very deep, so Joann took her to the vet on Friday night – they had to put stitches in her leg to sew it up.  She spent the night at the vet’s and came home on Saturday and is resting.  While she was under she was shaved more and the vet cleansed her wounds and her face so that her skin could breathe better.   She is a little fighter and truly does have the will to survive.  She has a better appetite and is eating better.  When Joann took her from the car Saturday morning, her cat was out there and she even did a little growl at him!    She is on 6 different medications which includes eye and ear meds. She is healing but still has a long way to go.

Clara’s Amazing Christmas Present

Clara was a stray at the Turlock shelter when we met her. She was sad and felt a bit hopeless behind bars but quickly picked up her spirits when we pulled her and popped her into a foster home. She needed Cherry eye surgery and to be spayed before she was ready to go home with anyone but she attended a couple of adoption events in Sacramento with us while waiting for her surgery date.

That was where she was spotted by Elizabeth and Bill from Folsom. They immediately felt a connection and although they were not ready to bring a dog home they wanted to help her. They spoke to Joann and found out that her surgery was going to cost over $500 and they pledged on the spot to pay the whole thing.

Clara had her surgery. She is in recovery and will soon be ready for a new home. Clara’s guardian angels, Elizabeth and Bill will be watching to see this little darling gets a good home.  We are deeply grateful to Elizabeth and Bill and humbled by their generosity.

Donations in Honor of Clara, Elizabeth and Bill

Holiday Insert Gift Cards are Now Available!

Looking for a little something to stick in a stocking or holiday card but don’t want to spend a fortune? We have Holiday Insert Gift Cards now available for as little as a $5 donation per card. Make a donation, tell us how many cards you would like and we will pop them off to you in the next days mail. What a special, unique gift. By giving these cards, no only will you be helping homeless Cocker Spaniels, you’ll be helping to spread the message about rescue.

Make a donation and order your cards now

Molly and Patrick

Patrick and Molly

    One of our volunteers, Amy was asked by her Veterinarian if she would please contact another client who owned a cocker spaniel, as he was  battling  brain cancer and his primary concern was for his beloved dog and faithful companion.  Amy met with Patrick and Molly, who was a absolute love and called us to ask if she could please work with Molly and her Owner until the time came that he could no longer care for her and if she could please foster her while Molly was placed into rescue with us.  Of course, we said yes.

    Molly stayed with Amy in foster during Patrick’s brain surgeries, returning her to her Patrick when he was able.  In August Patrick underwent yet another major brain surgery, unfortunately he did not bounce back as quickly as before.  Amy would take Molly over about once a week for a visit.  Patrick realized that it was time for us to find her a forever home as  he knew he could no longer care for her in the way she deserved..  His wish for Molly was that she go to a forever home that was loving, would treat her very well, take her for walks, play with her. Molly was posted on our website and we immediately started getting responses. We felt that Tom and Laura from San Diego were an excellent choice for Molly.  They were looking for two dogs so Molly would have a sibling.   They picked out two possibles for Molly and let Molly pick the one she wanted. Cooper, a one year old boy was her choice and off they went to their new forever home in San Diego.
Molly, Cooper and Tom
    We have no doubt that Molly and Cooper are going to have a wonderful life and will  be a wonderful part of Tom and Laura’s family.  It is also our hope that Patrick will find a sense of peace, knowing that Molly is safe, has a brother and in the best loving home we could have ever hoped for.

SBF Looking For Love

Abi was a cocker who came in with a sad story but we promised her a happy ending. First Abi, lost her dad to old age. She was lucky his son took her in and offered her a home. She settled in and became best friends with her new doggie brother and life was good again, until fate struck and her new dad passed away leaving her homeless once again.  Now Abi is looking for a new family  and we are going to find her the perfect one!

Abi is a sweet black girl with tons of love. She enjoys going on walks and curling up next to her special someone in a chair or sofa. She gets along well with other dogs and would enjoy a yard. Are you special enough for Abi?

Update 2/22/12
Yippee! Yipee! Yea! Yea!  Abi has a new home.  She is now the latest in the flock of our frequent adopters Mike and Becky.  They have three other Cockers, all needing special care.  Ya gotta give them credit for having big hearts.   Malcolm, Abi’s former owner, had a tough time giving her up but knew that, because of his time restrains, it was the very best thing for her.

Santa Claws Photo Events and The Holiday Street Fair, This December


We will be participating in two holiday theme photo events this season.  Petsmart is furnishing the equipment and Santa suit.  We are providing the labor force (yeah volunteers!).  The first event will be on December 10  th. at Petsmart, 1738 Watt Ave. in Sacramento (CANCELLED)  and the second will be on December 17 th.  at Petsmart, 2705 E. Bidwell in Folsom.  Both sessions will be held from 11 AM to 4 PM.  We hope a lot of our friends will bring their fur covered (or hairless would work too) companions for pictures with Santa.  Each picture will cost $9.95 and Petsmart will donate $5 of that fee to Second Chance.  So come on out, do a good thing, and have a photographic record of it.

Santa Barbara

December 10—We will be sponsoring along with The Pet House the Holiday Street Fair at The Pet House, 5781 Calle Real  Goleta 10-3pm. There will be baked goods, jewelry by Karen, adoptable dogs, nail trimming,  fun dog stuff, carolers, a wandering santa. Come on down and bring your dogs for some holiday fun.

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