Benson and Olivia, That Is What Rescue Is All About

SCCR takes in a lot of dogs.   Some are young and healthy and someare not.   Some people might wonder why we take in dogs such as Benson and Olivia.   But that is what “rescue” is all about.  Just because a dog is blind, or has bad skin, or bad ears does not mean they should not have a second chance at a loving home.   Are they harder to adopt out?  Yes – but we have been very fortunate in finding wonderful homes for every single one of them.   We thank all of you for your support, that is what allows us to help dogs like Benson and Olivia.
Benson is a 6 year old blind boy we rescued from Sacramento County Animal Services.  Although his eyes look horrible and very painful, his little tail wags like crazy and loves to sit by your feet for pets. He is incredibly sweet and gentle.  We are taking him to the Animal Eye Center in Rocklin to have his eyes checked out and will keep everyone posted on what the vet says.  Benson will be soon looking for a new home to call his own.

Olivia was rescued from the Modesto shelter.   This little girl is horribly emaciated, has horrible skin and ears, but is still the most lovable, gentle little girl that just wants a kind touch.   When you pet her, she always ducks her head and looks at you as if to say “please don’t hurt me”.   We are teaching her that there are nice people and that a touch can be loving.  Her white blood count is extremely elevated so we have her on antibiotics and immune support supplements.  She was spayed yesterday (the vet thought she may have had a uterine infection and spaying her was a priority).  Fortunately, she did not have an infection.   We know that her health and outlook of life will improve with lots of TLC.    Olivia will be looking for her forever home once her skin clears up.

Donations for Benson and Olivia

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