Fighting For His Life

This is our sweet sanctuary dog Charles and we are very worried about him. He had surgery to repair his hip and, after what seemed a successful operation, something went terribly wrong. He hemorrhaged at the incision site, had to have multiple transfusions, repeated courses of oxygen, and many medications. He is in intensive care at a specialty hospital. His foster family is in constant contact with the hospital and everyone is making sure his quality of life is the primary focus. While his recovery is far from certain the ICU staff who monitor him around clock say he has improved each day. He recognizes his family and tries to follow them out of the kennel despite being attached to various I/V lines. He is fighting hard to go home and we have to find a way to match his efforts. The cost of his supportive care has hit $6000 and may reach $8000 but without it he will not survive. We took him down this road with all good intentions. Please, please help us give him a chance to get back home.

Donate towards Charles medical bills

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