Stitches From Stem To Stern

Here is poor Star. She had to have her whole mammary chain removed on one side due to mammary tumors. She was spayed at the same time. She has stitches from stem to stern. In a month or so she will have to go through the whole thing again on the other side. The good news is she will be cancer free. The bad news is her bills will top $2,000.

Donations for Star

3 Comments on “Stitches From Stem To Stern

  1. Reminds me of our sweet foster, Gracie #3. Look how good she is doing now. 2nd chance really is a 2nd chance at life for these darling dogs.

  2. I am happily fostering Star right now but can’t commit to adopting another dog. She is really sweet and funny. She loves going on walks and gets along well with my 9 year old English Cocker spaniel, Gracie.

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