Precious Girl Abandoned In Empty House

This precious little girl was abandoned at an empty house after her owners had a fight and left her there alone to die. The neighbor said she had been an inside doggie at first but during a fight, the wife threw her outside and she was never allowed back in.  They next thing the neighbors knew the couple left but they could still hear the poor dog’s cries in the back yard. Luckily one of the neighbors had a friend named Maria who, when she heard what happened, broke into the abandoned house to save the sweet little thing who was left with no food or water. Thank you Maria!!

We connected with Maria via the rescue networks. We almost cried when we saw pictures of her eyes. She had been dreadfully neglected and her eyes need medical attention immediately. We offered to take her in if Maria would foster her until we could find her a home. Being the nice woman she is, she agreed.

Precious saw the vet yesterday and we found that we will have to remove her bulging eye and do cherry eye surgery on the other one. Its too soon to say if she will be able to see any light/dark in the remaining eye but we have our fingers crossed. She also has one toe missing on a back foot and either a tumor or infection on a toe on the other back foot. If it turns out to be a tumor that will have to be removed. Otherwise Precious is 6 years old, sweet as can be and will have her surgeries in two weeks to give us time to get the swelling down in the good eye. We need to raise about $700-900 to cover her surgery.

She must have been in terrible pain from her eyes but she hasn’t stopped smiling since she got to her foster home and got the first meal she had eaten for days.

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2 Comments on “Precious Girl Abandoned In Empty House

  1. Hi! I was just wondering how Precious is doing? I went to Maria’s to eval her for Kim. She was such a sad sight, but, so sweet despite everything. Thanks a bunch!


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