Topper, Soon As Good As New

Video of Topper

Topper came in with dreadlocks and a bad leg.  We didn’t know how bad until we saw the x-ray. He had completely dislocated his elbow with such force it the bottom of the joint was hanging adjacent to the top of the joint. The vet said he must have been hit by a car to do that kind of damage. It was a very old injury, he had completely healed up with the joint misaligned and held in place with scar tissue. He obviously had no vet care when it happened. All his muscle on that leg has atrophied and his balance is effected. We took his x-rays to our favorite surgeon, Dr Wright at CARE hoping there was something that could be done for him. Dr Wright assured us we could have him walking on all four legs with some surgery. It will cost about $2700 but we think it is worth it.


Donations for Topper’s Surgery

A Miracle That Was Not To Be

Our sweet Charles lost his battle for life on Saturday. The foster family he loved was at his side and were able to say good bye. He was improving until Friday evening when he began to decline. Despite the medical team’s best efforts to save him Charles just did not have enough in reserve to recover. We are just heartbroken. He was such an affectionate and loyal little guy. While we are left with an enormous medical bill we don’t regret our decision to support him for a moment. Second Chance does not abandon our dogs or their families. We will somehow pay those bills and would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Donations For Charles

Fighting For His Life

This is our sweet sanctuary dog Charles and we are very worried about him. He had surgery to repair his hip and, after what seemed a successful operation, something went terribly wrong. He hemorrhaged at the incision site, had to have multiple transfusions, repeated courses of oxygen, and many medications. He is in intensive care at a specialty hospital. His foster family is in constant contact with the hospital and everyone is making sure his quality of life is the primary focus. While his recovery is far from certain the ICU staff who monitor him around clock say he has improved each day. He recognizes his family and tries to follow them out of the kennel despite being attached to various I/V lines. He is fighting hard to go home and we have to find a way to match his efforts. The cost of his supportive care has hit $6000 and may reach $8000 but without it he will not survive. We took him down this road with all good intentions. Please, please help us give him a chance to get back home.

Donate towards Charles medical bills

If One Is Good, Isn’t Two Better?

Ian and Evan were inseparable.  They were rescued from the Modesto shelter and we realized right away that they had some thing special. When the Huleva’s called about Ian we thought they were wonderful potential adopters but did not want to separate the boys. Once Tamra and her husband met the two they agreed to take them both home and renamed them Bailey and Tucker. Here is an update they sent us on them.

“Hi Joann –

. . . They are both as sweet as can be!!!  Absolutely wonderful little boys!!!  Bailey is definitely happy… With his happy-go-lucky nature we get the sense he might have been content with just about anyone…  Tucker, however, looks at us with his big brown eyes as if to say he knows he has found his “home”.  Randy and I just love to see what has become a relaxed look on his little face as he’s settled in over the past several days.  They are both very snuggly and cuddly with us, too.  And the two of them continue to be best buddies… they are inseparable, and happiest when within just a few inches or at most, a few feet of the other one. . . We couldn’t be happier, and I’m pretty sure they’d say the same thing, too!

Thank you again for all you do for little ones like these!!!  We are forever grateful!!
Tamra and Randy”

Spring Fundraiser!

Our spring raffle was so successful last year that we are going to do it again this year. Tickets are $2 a piece or 12 tickets for $20. The prizes are:

$500 first prize      $250 second prize      $100 third prize

 We will be holding two drawings again this year, one at the Sacramento Picnic on June 23 and one at the Santa Barbara Picnic on May 12. You do not have to be present to win.

Every donation made in in honor of Charlie, special favorite of Joann’s,  came from the Sacramento City shelter. He is 8 years old. He had horrible elephant-like skin underneath on his belly and hair loss in several areas.  He was surrendered because his owners could not take care of him, He suffered with these skin issues his whole life.  His hair has almost grown back everywhere except on his neck.  He has the biggest brown eyes and just stares at you for attention.  Donate in Honor of Charlie.

Every donation made in honor of BJ, a favorite of Elizabeth’s, will enter you in the Santa Barbara drawing. BJ is only 1 1/2 years old and already blind from cataracts. His surgery will cost about $3,000 but we think it is worth it. Help us give BJ his sight back! Donate in Honor of BJ.

For every $20 donation, you will be entered 12 times and once for every $2 donation.  If you would like to help us sell tickets contact Elizabeth at

Layla and Oliver Two Seniors in OC

Layla and Oliver were on the put to sleep list at the OC shelter but they had a huge group of people working FaceBook, emails and phone calls trying to save them. They raised $1300 in pledges to pay for their medical bills and would not give up. They campaigned relentlessly up until the very last minute when we had an opening come up in a foster home and we jumped in and agreed to take them.

We could not wait to meet them. We had arranged a transport for them from OC to Santa Barbara. They popped out of the car. They were dirty, matted and oh, so stinky but they had big smiles on their faces!  They were beautiful after a grooming and bath.  After the vet visit we were very grateful for the donation pledges. Layla needed to be spayed, a dental and a growth removed from her backside Oliver needed a dental, neuter and a cherry surgery. Their bills were twice the pledged donations but we are still very glad we agreed to take these two sweethearts.

The good news is that Oliver has already found himself a wonderful home with a gentleman in Bakersfield. Way to go Oliver! Layla is waiting patiently in her foster home in Canoga Park for us to make her a perfect match too.

Donate Towards These Seniors Surgery Bills

Buy Your Cocker Reunion Picnic Tickets Now!

$20 per person or $35 for a couple
$25 per person at the door

Purchase Santa Barbara Lunch Tickets   ***  Purchase Sacramento Lunch Ticket
Please let us know how many dogs will be joining you.

To pay by check, send it to the following:
Santa Barbara Picnic–SCCR, c/o Elizabeth Mazzetti, 1168 Palomino Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93015
Sacramento Picinic– SCCR, c/o Lana Moffitt, PO Box 13296, Sacramento, CA 95813

You are invited to the SCCR Cocker Reunion Picnics. If you have not joined us before, this is your chance to have tons of Cocker fun in the sun. If you have joined us before then you will not want to miss this one. Food’s great, people are wonderful and the Cockers are amazing!

Who is invited? Everyone! Adopters, supporters, the Cocker lovin’ public and what the heck, bring your friends and family. too Let’s show off our dogs!

This year Santa Barbara will start us off on May 12th at Rincon Beach….yep, we  have moved to the beach where there will be surf and sand for the dogs to frolic on and a large grassy are for those of us who like to keep our feet dry.

June 23rd will see the Sacramento crew at the Elk Grove Regional Park.  We will be right next to their  beautiful pond and and off leash dog area for some extra fun for the dogs.

We will have Raffles, Silent Auctions, Gift bags for the dogs and a wonderful BBQ chicken lunch with a vegetarian option.

If you would like to join the planning teams for either picnic then give us a heads up, we would love the help!

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