Santa Barbara Dog Parade and Festival

SCCR and K-9 PALS are proud to announce the return of what was a proud a Santa Barbara tradition, the Santa Barbara Dog Parade and Festival. On Saturday, September 29th, dogs and participants, most dressed in zany and creative costumes, will start the day with a parade at the end wil participants and spectators will enjoy a fun, sun-filled day at the Festival. The parade of canines will be judged for “Best Costume”, “Most Humorous” and “Best in Parade,” and other fun categories. You and your canine companion will enjoy live music, games, prizes, exhibits and much more well into the mid-afternoon.. Dogs, groups, and marching bands, along with enthusiastic spectators, will make this year’s event as fun as ever.

For more information on the parade and signing up to volunteer, for a vendor booth or to sponsor the event, visit or contact, Janelle Ward at 805 570-0415.

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