2012 Sacramento Annual SCCR Picnic

Dear Joann,
I wanted to send you–and the SCCR group–a heart-felt note about the Annual Picnic.  As you know, I am an (overly) committed volunteer for “my” shelter.  It is my passion–my addiction–to find credible, caring, legitimate Rescues that are willing to offer “at risk” dogs sitting in the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter a second chance at life.  For more than four years, I have willingly assumed the challenge of doing so.  In that time, I quickly learned which Rescues were/are worth their weight in gold and which Rescues seem to have other ambitions that left me ill at ease.  I have always said–and will continue to say:  though they are shelter dogs, they mean something to me.  More than 800 dogs later, it is still my goal to send each and every one of them to loving and caring place while they patiently await their forever home.
In my four years of volunteering, for the first time I stood in a crowd of people who echoed my very same sentiments!  From past adopters, to potential adopters, to volunteers, to strangers who welcomed a German Shorthaired Pointer to a Cocker Spaniel event, I was in awe.  As I drove home to Modesto my heart was content…and Molly and Emily were “pooped.”   People do care and it was more than evident that SCCR cares…a great deal.  If that weren’t true, there would have never been such a large gathering of kind, caring, thoughtful, dog-loving people in one place to acknowledge, be a part of one (well-deserving) Rescue.
Thank you…for everything.
Celia Angel
Proud Owner of Molly, Emily, and Sassy

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