Ren and Stimpy


Ren and Stimpy are two absolutely adorable one year old Cavalier mix brothers. They were on the kill list at the Camarillo shelter because they both had cherry eye and needed surgery. Not too many people can afford surgery for a new dog these days so, there they were, only one chance left, us. We took one look at those sweet faces and you know what we said, yes, of course we would take them!


After $600 worth of surgery each, they are now ready to go home. Thanks to your support they had their cherry eye surgery, were neutered and are now up to date on all their vaccines.

Donation for Ren and Stimpy

In Loving Memory of Karen Bishop-Goddard

We are saddened by the sudden passing of a fellow cocker lover and SCCR supporter, Karen Bishop-Goddard.  She had a special place in her heart for animals, especially dogs and was a true cocker lover. Donations in her memory  have been received from her friends and co-workers:

Margaret Whitney Coates,
Yvonne Zenati,

Crystal Henderson,
Diane Johnson,  
EPIC Ceramic & Stone and Famosa- The Surface
Jill Susson,

Marc Appleton from Appleton Architects,
Gary and Karen Fisk,
Pratt & Larson Ceramics,
McKeehan Construction,
LJ Gallup,
West Coast Marble & Granite,
Theresa Morrison
Hovey Tile Art
Nancy Giblin
Timothy Wagner

Conehead Baby, Denziel

Denziel is only 12 weeks old and could not be a more handsome baby. He is so sweet and this poor baby was in the wrong place in wrong time and lost an eye last week. We will find him a good home where he will be safe and loved.  In the mean time we need a foster for this while he recovers from his surgery and is a conehead for a couple of weeks.

Donations for Denziel

No Tears Should Be Shed

This email was from our friend, supporter and fellow cocker rescuer Celia in regards to Hazel, a cocker we helped her rescue.
“Dear All,
    It is with great gratitude and sincere appreciation that I thank you for helping me help Hazel.  She arrived at the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter is such terrible condition, it was difficult not to cry at first glance.  She smelled from urine something awful, was matted beyond recognition–so much so that the staff couldn’t determine if she was male or female, and had yellow mucous covering both eyes.  . . . Yet, when I opened the kennel door to say “hello” she slowly stood up and gave a very slight wiggle of the tushie.  It was at that very moment I knew she was asking for my help.  And so, my friend Renee and I put our heads together and came up with a plan which included asking you all for help.
     Though everyone’s contributions are greatly appreciated, I am equally grateful to Second Chance Cocker Rescue (Ms. Joann Reagan) and Dr.’s Mike O’Brien and Jenny Chatfield of Maze Animal Hospital.  They graciously offered their services at a drastically reduced rate in order to save this little “girl’s” life.  Without the three of them, Hazel was only two days away from being euthanized at our shelter.  After all, who would want a dog in this condition.  Once again, I have had the enormous pleasure of proving our shelter wrong!
     Today, Hazel has found her “Fairy Dog Mother” (that’s her in the yellow shirt), and is receiving much love, attention, care and kindness in her Foster home.  Mama Kathleen, as I like to call her, dotes on Hazel and makes sure she takes all her meds.–along with numerous dog treats throughout the day–and insures she lives life to the fullest on a daily basis!  Heck, Hazel even made an appearance at a Humane Society fundraiser held at Chili’s restaurant Tuesday night in Modesto.  And though it has been determined that, indeed, Hazel has a cancerous tumor on her neck area, she is finally truly living.  Let’s face it, through our collective efforts Hazel has found heaven on earth.  Who could ask for more?
     For now, no tears should be shed.  Ms. Hazel is feisty, happy and leaving her mark on the world and will continue to do so as long as we are certain she is living pain free.
Thank you all for your care and concern.
Celia Angel”

The Lancaster 4


We heard that there were four Cockers all between the ages of 1 to 3 years old that were due to be killed in less that 12 hours at the Lancaster Shelter. Ann Summers from Cocker Connection asked if we would help her rescue all of them. Wow, four at once? Of course, we said yes. Ann got up at the crack of dawn so she could be at the shelter when it opened. She was calling on the way there trying to find someone to make sure they would all still be alive when she got there. She got through, made it there and after hours of paperwork and standing in line she loaded up four very traumatized dogs. One was in excruciating pain from an infection in the uterus. Another had been attacked by other dogs and was wounded. Her story is below.


We found fosters for two of them but Willow still needs a place to stay. She is so very sweet and docile–very traumatized at the shelter after being attacked by one or more of the other 4 dogs in her kennel. She had several fresh bite wounds and some that were apparently older, and she had a large wound on her right thigh, She was probably also victimized by dogs at her former home since there was evidence of older wounds. She has a pretty coat with soft, silky, golden buff hair and a long tail. Her eyes are bright and pretty.


Willow and Gidget are very petite, probably about 18-20 pounds. They love to cuddle and be held. Willow loves snuggling in blankets. She is a very gentle little girl, but she is scared of other doggies. Willow did fine with Sandy, but the others were too much for her, and she went to hide under a chair in the vet’s office so they couldn’t get to her.  The willow bends and is a gentle tree, but it is the one that withstands the strong storms. She is a survivor. Can you help us and foster Willow?


Donations for Willow and The Lancaster 4

We will update their pictures as soon as we have new ones. They were so very stressed out and bedraggled and it was so hectic that we didn’t even try to get new ones.

King Charles Mix Puppies? We Will Take Them!

We were very surprised to find these two adorable King Charles/Cocker mix puppies on the kill list at one of our shelters. We jumped right on it and sent a volunteer down as quick as we could to rescue them. It turns out that they both have cherry eye which requires surgery and because of the cost no one was willing to adopt them. Well, you know what we said, “We will take them!” Oops, now we need a foster. We usually wait until we have an open foster lined up but these two were running out of time so we jumped in with both feet. Wouldn’t you?

Now they will be scheduled for a vet check and surgery then we can send them home. Any takers? We  have named them Ren and Stimpy. We will need to raise $500 each for their surgeries. If you would like to help these two characters they would be very grateful!


Donation for Ren and Stimpy

Rambo, Home At Last

Rambo was the cutest, sweetest, best behaved cockapoo ever! He came to us from the Lompoc shelter a couple of weeks ago and we loved his cute face after he was shaved down. He was so darn sweet, we could not figure out why he was at the shelter in the first place. Now he is happy living with a Santa Barbara family and getting all the attention he deserves.

Help Reggie Play Fetch Again!

Reggie lives to play fetch with his tennis ball. It is a passion with him almost as important as cuddling and loving his people. Reggie is only 3 years old and he deserves to play fetch and have a normal life for many more years to come. The problem is, Reggie is already blind in one eye and quickly losing the sight in the other, so he is already having difficulty playing fetch.  You can see the sadness in his face when you throw the ball and he can’t find it. He needs cataract surgery on both eyes so that he can regain his vision and be happy, cheerful, ball playing boy he used to  be!  If  you would like to help us give Reggie his sight back you can make a donation that will go straight to his medical bills.

Help Reggie Play Fetch Again!

Well, Reggie had his cataract surgery on Tuesday, September 13.  His right eye has a detached retina, so he will not regain his sight in that eye.  But, he did have surgery on his left eye and is already seeing much better!  He has a several month recuperation period with many visits to Dr. Linton’s office, the eye specialist, and lots of eye drops!
We can’t thank you enough for your donations, support and well wishes for our boy Reggie.  He is quite a little guy, and he is fortunate to have so many of you on his side!
Nov 1 update: Reggie got adopted! Bill and his wife, Marcy,  have been fostering Reggie through his surgery and now they have made him a permanent member of the family. Yeah Reggie! We could not be happier.

It Was Raining Cockers In San Jose

We got an application from a couple in Antioch to foster for us. At that time we had dogs in foster homes around Sacramento and Central CA. Why not start a team in the San Francisco Bay Area? There are not many cockers in those shelters (or so we thought) but there are some terrific adopters and we thought it would be so much easier for them to have a SCCR representative in their area.

Then we got the first call from the San Jose shelter. They had two cockers with ear infections and were looking for a cocker rescue to help. We got Jim and Lynda Geidl introduced into the rescue business by pulling those two. Quickly, the same shelter contacted us again, three more cockers had shown up. Could we help? Talk about trial by fire! The Geidl’s stepped up and showed us what they were made of. Within two weeks they had found three foster homes, pulled five dogs and two weeks later had two adoptions. We were impressed! And delighted they were part of our group.

Their first adoption was Sadie, a 7 month-old darling chocolate cocker who came to SCCR to be re-homed.  Her owner just did not have the time to give her the care she needed.  The Geidl’s found her a wonderful home with Dawn and her son Cory from Vacaville. When they met Sadie, you could feel the love in everyone’s hearts.  Sadie found her forever loving

home and Dawn and Corey found the perfect cocker for them.  Sadie’s new name is CoCo and she is tickled pink with her new family.

Next was Elmer, a beautiful black 11 months old cocker spaniel from the San Jose Shelter.  He was found wandering the streets in San Jose.  When Don and Heather from Reno saw his picture they fell in love.  He looked so much like their cocker Bowie they lost a couple years ago, that they knew he would be the right cocker for them.

After a couple long conversations, exchanging e-mails and pictures of Elmer the meeting took place.  Don arrived to pick up Elmer the front door opened and Elmer instantly knew Don was going to be his new dad.  They both hugged each other and Elmer gave him a big wet kiss.  I guess you could say it was love at first sight!  As you can see by Elmer’s face below they both have a new best friend…each other.

Elmer is now known as Lyle and is living happily every after with Don, Heather and their two cats in Reno.

We are finding more and more dogs who need our help. We are so grateful to you for your support that allows us to meet this need. Every cocker deserves a safe and loving home. With your help we can make this happen. Donation To Help Save A Cocker.

Cruise Along The San Joaquin River Delta

Fall cruise along the San Joaquin River Delta in the Nimble Nomad.

We will sale Friday, Sept 23 or Sunday Sept 25. The first person to make a reservation will pick the date.

The cruise starts at the Stockton Sailing Club at 4:30 and includes a 6:30 dinner at either a good local Italian or Chinese restaurant or even the local In-N-Out Burger.   There will be informal snacks and beverages on the boat for the cruise portion of the event. Cruises can be on either Saturday or Sunday, and we will dine wherever you choose.  Your hosts for the evening will be Jim and Hazel Hill.

$250 for 6 people or $50 per person. Only 6 spots available. All proceeds go to the SCCR dogs!This is a great gift or a wonderful treat for friends and family.

For reservations contact Joann Reagan,, or 916-541-5149. We will schedule a Winter, Spring and Summer cruise as well.

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