Cindy’s Makeover


Can you imagine what it feels like to be walking around on a hot day in a a mat covered fur coat that stinks to high heaven and you can’t take it off. That is what little Cindy felt like every day for we don’t know how long. From the condition of her coat, ears and eyes she had been neglected for quite a long time.  We took one look at her shelter picture and decided we were going to rescue her and give her a makeover as soon as we could get her out of there.

Getting that disgusting mass of hair off her was easy and now she was as cute as could be but more than her looks had been neglected. She had ear infections for so long that her ears had scarred shut and she had a severe bronchial infection in her chest. She was put on antibiotics to see if we could get her upper respiratory infection cleared up. When that clears up we will take her to the vet to see about surgery for those ears. She still has abscesses inside the ears but no where for them to drain. It is a very painful condition that must be treated as soon as possible with surgery.

All this time Cindy is the sweetest little thing you could imagine. She loves everyone and is wonderful snuggler. Once she has recovered from her surgery she will be ready for her forever home. We are going to make sure it is a very special one. She deserves nothing but the best.


Donations for Cindy’s medical costs

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