She Would Not Eat, She Cried All The Time

Kasey was a sweet little 8 year old when we adopted her out seven years ago to a nice couple. She lived happily with them for a long time. Then Kasey’s mom passed away and her dad developed Alzheimers and could not take care of her any longer even though he still loved her to pieces. Since we always take our dogs back we were happy to welcome an older Kasey home. She was not so sure. She would not eat, she shook all the time and whimpered and cried. We took her to the vet thinking something was very wrong with her but besides some dental work and a tumor that needed to be removed she was pretty darn healthy for a 15 year old girl. By the fourth day we were getting desperate to know what to do when Kasey ate a mouthful of canned food from our fingers. Hallelujah! She stopped shaking and whimpering and laid down and slept a deep sleep all day long. She was exhausted! When she woke up she ate a whole bowl of dinner.  She had just been grieving with her losses of her mom and now her dad.

Now Kasey is a silly, happy girl who greets us a the door with a wiggle and a kiss. She loves her walks and as soon as she gets her dental she will have fresh breath again.  Kasey is looking for a permanent foster home where we pay all her medical bills. Can you help?

Donations for Kasey

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