A Letter From BJ

To all those supporters of SCCR who helped make it possible for BJ to see again… he wants to say a HUGE THANK YOU!! His new eyesight makes him an EXPERT ball fetcher (where it used to take him upwards of 2 minutes to sniff the thing out!).

His sight has also given BJ a new appreciation for sitting and relaxing on the patio. He now takes in all the sights and sounds of our condo “backyard” (mostly this involves barking at the birds) and he loves taking naps in the breeze.  Before his sight he never even went on the back deck.

He also loves his toys now. His tiger and his hedgehog are his buddys… he loves getting the squeakers going and tossing the hedgehog around. He never played much with anything except his ball before his surgery and now he must have his “friends” in bed with him (pic below).

BJ was always a happy boy, but you can see what a difference this eye has made to him- he can explore so many more things now! He loves getting in to EVERYTHING and checking everything out thoroughly. He’s so curious and excited and that has made his “parents” also see the world in a whole new light.

From BJ and his “parents” thank you thank you thank you!  We are forever grateful for this gift.

Donations Towards BJ’s Surgery

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