Resources and Recommendations for Cocker Owners

How to Help a Blind Pet AdjustWe have compiled a list of information, products and professionals that we or our alumni recommend and would like to share with you. These are products we have personally tried, trainers and vets we use and articles by professionals we stand by.

Trainers and Information on Dog Training

How to Choose the Right Dog Food and
Feeding Your Cocker

Vets and Medical Information

Help for people on limited incomes

How to Help a Blind Pet Adjust

Groomers We Like

Dog Products

Dog Sitting and Boarding

Dog Friendly Housing and Vacation Rentals

Finding Lost Pets

Tail Docking

Pet Trusts

Dealing with Grief


8 Comments on “Resources and Recommendations for Cocker Owners

  1. I love the “Cool Stuff” section. Any chance you can recommend some groomers? There are so many and it is impossible to tell what you will get without a personal referral. Wagger’s is near where I live and I love that place. But there’s a two-month wait for grooming and the price is more than I can pay. I inherited 5 cocker spaniels from my daughter and am trying to get up to speed on what it takes to care properly for these little cuties. They are my only grandkids, though, and I love ’em to pieces.

    Alberta in Sacramento

    • Took your suggestion and added groomers to our site. Not many groomers listed so far in your area. Anyone else have any great recommendations up there??

    • Hello, in West Sacramento I use Wags Pet Hotel for grooming my two cockers, Toni is the groomer there. I, and my dogs love her. However, they are a bit pricy, I pay $55 for complete bath, nails, and cut. She has a very full client list, but I think they just added a second groomer. Unlike other groomers Wag’s will require vaccination certification, including bordatella (they are an a overnight kennel, so that’s why), and I actually respect them for that requirement.

      You might also try Pinky Poo’s – they are just off of Watt and El Camino in Sacramento, all they do is grooming. Don’t know what they charge, but the owner is a groomer I used many years ago, she was good.

      Final thought, if you have 5 cockers, I would very much suggest a mobile groomer. With 5 you might be able to get a deal as they could basically work their entire day at one address, that is a plus for the groomer.

  2. I take both of my cocker rescues to The Purrfect Groomer in West Sacramento. Alex is a former Animal Control Officer and he and his staff are great with my dogs. He fit in Henry the day after we got him from the shelter and took care of the fleas and horrible mats.

  3. If any of you need an excellent groomer fro cocker spaniels in southern Oregon I have great one. She charges $35.00 for full service . Jill does a great job and our dog comes out happy. If Jill sees any health problems they are addressed and if necessary will call the vet of your choice to make the appointment. Beach Dog Grooming, Bandon, Oregon. My Mandy goes trotting to her door and is waiting when I come back.Tresa McDuffie, Port Orford, Oregon.

  4. Hi Elizabeth Teresa tyhurst here. I assume the cocker puppy blonde where family was allergic has been adopted? Let me k ow. My baby rescue is doing better for no reason her blood platelettes dropped over 3k later still not sure why but today vet calked and back to normal levels. I am praying to st Francis it continues. We will check my precious girl monthly

  5. Hi Elizabeth it’s Barbara Gorton..we rescued Harlow about 4yrs ago..we’re senior citizens living in a mobile home in Solvang Ca. Harlow is almost 10 now and tore her Acl/ Ccl in her right leg..our vet it Buellton veterinarian clinic Buellton Ca. We cant afford the surgery it’s close to 4000.00 dollars with rehab but an alternative would be a custom made brace. It’s 1000.00 approximately after casting and custom..we are wondering if there is any way we could get some help to share our would be a real stretch for us. Her medication is about 60.00 a month now to keep her comfortable and glucosamine supplements. But the cost of the brace is a challenge. I’m hoping maybe one of the donors could help..thank you cocker family appeciation
    Barbara Gorton
    602 350-6900my cell phone

    • Barbara,

      Acupuncture is the way to go with this injury. We have done the surgery and it worked well but now we only do acupuncture. It is cheaper, less painful and 100% effective. You have several great choices in your area, Dr Andy Dainsburg in Santa Barbara, Dr Gold in Camarillo and there is one more in Ojai I can’t remember her name but she is super good too. All three of these Dr have worked on our dogs and I highly recommend them.


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