From Our Hearts to Yours!

image1Happy ❤Day from all of us here at Second Chance Cocker Rescue! This is the time of year that we celebrate love, and so Molly is asking to see everyone’s Valentine themed pictures! Please submit and we will share them as we receive them.

Rubie, Daisy, and Maddie are sending their own special Valentine to all of our loyal friends out there! It has been a challenging year for many of us who have lost our beloved cocker-babies. We are all image2so blessed to have had such amazing pup-kids in our family. As a way of commemorating our beloved fur-babies, we are asking you to consider donating to a special 15 year old Cocker girl named Maggie! She had to have a large growth removed from her ear, and an intensive dental that cost about $800.00.

From Maggie;
Thanks so much Second Chance, for taking care of all of my medical problems. I am image3amazed at the outpouring of love for a “little old lady” like me. Many would not adopt an older dog like me, but I found the best home ever where I am loved and spoiled rotten! Thanks also for the snuggles, the warm bed, and the yummy treats. It is so appreciated. Many wouldn’t spend money on a girl like me at this stage in my life, but you never hesitated. My mouth feels ever so much better after all of those nasty, painful teeth were taken care of. I am sure my ear will begin healing up as well. Hugs and much love to everyone who helped to make my second chance at a good life, the very best part of my life!
Love you bunches,

We can’t do what we do, for Sanctuary dogs, dogs with medical needs, behavioral needs and even the rescue of healthy, young dogs, without your help! Thank you, from our hearts to yours!

Raining Dogs in Need

51253907_3043857225639930_496050971588165632_nIt’s been a rainy week in California, not just from the sky but from Cockers in need. We learned about a sweet girl at the Oakland, CA shelter and rushed to her rescue.

The shelter informed us she was found abandoned in a crate and left in a parking lot by a landscaping crew who brought her to the shelter. One of our volunteers picked her up and found her very thin, possibly malnourished. We named her Rowena.

Rowena spent the afternoon at our Vet, Dr. Tavano at Walker Veterinary Hospital. She has a dislocated hip needing surgery, a mammary tumor that needs to be removed. No apparent signs of cancer from the x-rays. One eye appears to have glaucoma and possibly the other. She may be blind. Will confirm next week. Bloodwork shows she is anemic. She has infected ears being treated and hearing impairment, but the vet is hoping that she will get some hearing back. She is also in heat and will need to be spayed. Her teeth also 51246669_3043857272306592_1138931821166198784_n.jpg
need cleaning. In the meantime, she is being treated for pain in her ears and eyes. We are waiting for results from an additional blood evaluation to determine if there is anything else. We will proceed with surgery in two weeks when she is a little stronger. To take on dogs like Rowena, we need our supporters. Her bills will be high, but she is worth it. She is a very sweet girl and despite her condition she greets people with a sunny disposition and wagging tail. Rowena deserves a happy life and a loving home. She knows the clouds are clearing and a warm, cozy bed is in her near future.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting this sweet baby, please contact Elizabeth at and fill out an application by clicking here. Thank you so much for your support!

Here For A Moment, In Our Hearts Forever – For Kawaii

I walk in my room and I still expect to see your happy face. I reach down next to my bed at night and I still expect to pet your sleeping head. Your fur is all over my clothes and in my car. It’s like you never left. But you are not here. You crossed the rainbow far too soon. It isn’t fair. It wasn’t expected. And we are lost without you. You changed our lives in the short time you were with us and showed us what it was like to love completely, unconditionally, and with every bit of our souls. I’ve said it a million times and it has never been an exaggeration; you were the BEST dog I’ve ever had. Out of the 30 some dogs I’ve had in my 34 years of life, you were the best behaved, most affectionate, most peaceful dog I’ve had the honor to call mine. And you had the best hair!!!  There will never be another dog like you, Kawaii.


Kawaii came to the VCAS Camarillo Shelter on December 21st. I saw her the moment she was on their website and knew she was something special and we had to help her. Kawaii was listed as a stray, so we had to wait until her stray hold was up to go and pull her from the shelter. She was severely matted and we knew she had some medical issues, the worst of it being a massive tumor that was hanging from her belly. It was extremely painful, but her shining spirit was never dulled by her terrible condition. Though she was still on hold until the 27th, I had the pleasure to meeting Kawaii when I was volunteering at the shelter on Christmas Day. Her tail never stopped wagging and she was begging for belly rubs every time you petted her. She was a mess, but underneath it all, you could tell she was a very pretty girl. We asked one of the vet techs there what “pretty” in Japanese was and that is how Kawaii got her name. As soon as she was ready to be picked up, my boys and I rushed over to get her and quickly welcomed her into our home. She settled in like she had been part of our family all along. The boys read her a story her very first night with us and I think storytime was always her favorite part of the day.

We immediately got Kawaii in to see our best vet who removed the mass on her belly, spayed her, and gave her teeth a good cleaning. We did an x-ray to make sure that the cancer that caused the tumor hadn’t spread anywhere and everything was clear. We got great big margins on the tumor and our vet even removed a few lymph nodes that were nearby for good measure. We were very optimistic that Kawaii would have a full and long life ahead of her after her surgery. We did a biopsy on the tumor and it came back as osteosarcoma from the mammary gland. The report said that it was locally aggressive, but with the large margins we got we weren’t expecting a reoccurence but couldn’t say for sure what would happen next. At Kawaii’s 2 week recheck, everything still looked good. No signs of cancer and we were all set for her to be adopted. Fortunately for us, Kawaii’s adoption fell through and we got to spend more time with her. She was going to be a really hard dog to give up, but I knew she would make one lucky family very happy.


Two weeks after her recheck, and while we waited for her second potential adoption, Kawaii took an unexpected turn for the worse. On Monday, January 21st, Kawaii was her normal happy self. She binge-watched some Netflix with me, watched the boys learn to ride their bike for the first time, and played with the puppies. On Tuesday, she developed goopy eyes. We called the vet and got her started on eye drops. On Wednesday, she started getting an ear infection, so we started ear drops, and was not as hungry at meal time as usual. Thursday she didn’t get up to greet me when I came in the room. She was starting to look sad but would still come over and give me kisses and sit with the boys at storytime. Friday I made the call that she wasn’t getting better with the meds so we would take her down to the vet Saturday morning. Once we got to the vet, Kawaii was still lethargic and not wanting food. We did and x-ray of her chest and found that the cancer had spread to her lungs. She was having some garbled breathing and there was nothing we could do. I took her home on Saturday so that we could make her comfortable and give her a few more wonderful days. We also needed sometime to be able to say goodbye as we hadn’t been prepared to put her down Saturday morning and I couldn’t do that to my kids. We spent the weekend giving Kawaii lots of love and attention and telling her what a special and pretty girl she was. She watched the boys master riding their bikes. She got to listen to a few more storytimes. She got to give her puppies kisses. And she got to be pampered and adored like she should have been for her whole life. On Sunday night her breathing was really labored and she couldn’t stand on her own, we knew it was time. Monday, January 28th, Kawaii got to sit peacefully in the park and enjoy one last Puppuccino. She happily lapped up the sweet whipped cream and looked so herself. She gave me a few more kisses and then looked at me like she was ready.


Saying goodbye to Kawaii was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. At only 5 years old,  Kawaii’s life was cut short far too soon. We will always remember her as the silly, loving, and beautiful girl that she was. Though she was only with us for one month, Kawaii has left a lasting impression on us. She should have always been in our family instead of where ever she was before she arrived at the shelter. She should have always been loved. We are so blessed that we got to give her so much love for what life she had left. We could have never predicted the impact she would have on our hearts. We will miss her every day. Run free pretty girl. I will always love you.

My boys each wanted to remember Kawaii and here are their letters to her.

“I like riding my bike with Kawaii.” – Nicholas (Short and sweet – he’s not one for writing, but I can tell you that she was his favorite dog. He is currently sleeping with her elephant toy.)

“I liked Kawaii because she did not bark. I also liked her because when we were learning how to ride our bikes she was with us. She was funny and sweet. We did storytime with her. I loved Kawaii.” – William (He really did love her. And she loved him right back.)

We love you, Kawaii! – Liz, Greg, William, and Nicholas

No Party in Coachella for Zahn

img_2299This little man was NOT having a good time in Coachella. In fact, he was found wandering the streets hungry and alone. The Coachella Valley Animal shelter brought him in as a stray. No name. No tag. No microchip. He DID have a wagging tale and healthy appetite. As soon as we saw him posted, we were ready to bail him out. We first named him Zane, but coming from Coachella, we thought we should give him a name with more rock star pizzaz, like Zahn.

Zahn found his way to one of our amazing foster families in Paso Robles, CA. This is what they have to say about him. “Zahn is 6 years young, easy going and sweet. We have been working with him on using theimg_2334 doggie door and he is successfully going potty outside. He gets along great with other dogs. He loves to meet and greet and give kisses. He is extremely affectionate. He is good with older kids. We really love this sweet boy and know he will make a great forever family member.”

Zahn needs to be neutered and have a vet check. One of his eyes may have a corneal ulcer and need treatment. We will be taking him to a specialist for 201901229518003595hdrthat. Any help you can give toward his medical expenses is greatly appreciated!

If you would like to make Zane part of your home, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 687-4674 or fill out an application by clicking here.

Thank you!

Rico’s Birthday Wish

50069652_2999953163363670_3053824805196267520_nRico just celebrated his 7th birthday. It wasn’t as fun as he would have liked. His life has changed a lot recently…

Rico was adopted from SCCR in 2012 at only 5 months old by a wonderful doggy mommy. He was her constant companion and loved going everywhere with her. His favorite thing to do was sleep in the bed and cuddle up right next to her and his kitty sister. Unfortunately his mommy just passed away right before Christmas and we need to find a new home for Rico to call his own. Rico was very loved by his mommy and has made quite the impression on everyone he meets. He’s kind of a heartbreaker.

Rico is really missing his mommy and just wants to be loved on by everyone he sees. He did have a few tussles with the other dogs in his foster home over who gets to have all of the lovins, so he is now looking for a new foster or forever home. Though he was having a hard time adjusting to not being the only dog in his foster home, his temporary foster parents fell instantly in love with him. His foster mom had this to say about him, “I wanted to let you know how sad we were that we could not continue to foster. He is a wonderful, sweet guy who is the embodiment of the ‘merry’ Cocker.  He is very active49188432_2979463695412617_352281111767810048_n and since we switched him to a good quality kibble, he was already starting to show the hint of a waist.  He will have no problem trimming down. Rico is play driven!  He needs to be with someone that can give him their undivided attention.  The dominance issues we had with him were over splitting our attentions between him and our other dogs. He would make an awesome companion for an active person (or family) where someone can be with him most of the day.”
Rico was a very well loved and very well fed boy in his old home and gained a few extra pounds. He has trimmed down some since he came to us and with continued play and a good quality diet he should be on the road to being a very healthy weight. Rico loves to play! Toys are his favorite thing in the world! He does have to take it a little easy though. Unfortunately, Rico has an old torn ligament and torn meniscus in his right rear leg. At some point, he had surgery for the same thing on his left leg and we now need to take care of his other leg for him. He also needs a cherry eye surgery and to have a few lumps and bumps removed. Poor guy. Our vet is estimating his surgery costs right around $2,000. Any donations toward this is so appreciated! Rico loves kids and cats! He also likes other dogs, but would prefer to be the king of the castle. Rico is super smart and eager to please. He would be an excellent obedience student! Rico is ready to find his forever home where he will get consistent exercise, a good diet, and help healing his leg. And of course lots of love and kisses!

Rico is currently in a boarding facility in Palmdale, CA. We would like to get him into a foster or forever home ASAP.
If you would like to give Rico lots of loving for the rest of his life, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 558-0100 or fill out an application here.

Changing our lives, one dog at a time

0Second Chance Cocker Rescue is known for its mission of saving Cocker Spaniels that are in need of a new start in life. Last year (2018), was a landmark year for all of us who volunteer for this organization. Our rescue totals are as follows:

Total dogs rescued 163
Total dogs adopted 142
New sanctuary dogs rescued 36
Spay and neuters 26
Life saving surgeries 15
Other surgeries 30

Our success hinges on our ability to create a solid and dependable monthly donor base. THANK YOU MONTHLY DONORS! For more in formation about being a monthly donor, please click here or contact Elizabeth at 805.687.4674.

It also depends on our volunteers, our foster homes, our transporters, as well as 0-1individuals that give funds for a specific dog with an immediate need that cannot wait! Our volunteers often help us as foster homes, donors, and transporters! Special thanks to all of our wonder-workers!

We do want to take a moment to recognize our long-term volunteer fospice mom. Lynn Wobeck lives in Northern California, and is a dedicated foster that handles many of our most difficult cases. At any given time, Lynn typically has several Cocker babies in hospice care in her home. These Cockers even have a bucket list! Don’t fool yourself, because they travel and visit wonderful places with their foster mom as they are preparing for their final journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Lynn loves on them 24/7, sleeps beside them, gives them meds, and she cooks for all of them on a daily basis. They eat way better than most humans do! Her home is a peace-filled place, and with loving care she watches over them until the last breath they take on this earth. Wilbur, Destiny, and Charlie are 3 of those numerous well-loved pups!

0-2Second Chance gives hope to Cockers in need, but we are also personally blessed to be a part of their story. Many of the pups we take in are in terrible condition, and act as if they have never had any kindness extended to them. I can personally say that our lives are richer for becoming a part of their journey. It is never easy to say goodbye to our beloved pets, but we give them the very best that we can for as long as we can.

Lynn said it best!

“It’s like I have said, if we are all on a plane to Chicago, Some go first class, some go business, some go coach.  But in the end,  we will be in Chicago.  I refuse to let my babies go coach”.

If you would like to experience this blessing for yourself, please call and speak with us and we will be happy to discuss how you can be a blessing to a Cocker Spaniel in need!


As we say good bye to 2018, we want to thank all of our wonderful SCCR friends from the very bottom of our hearts for all of your support and generosity this year!

year end numbers2



With the help of your many donations, we were able to pay for several life-saving surgeries, provide much needed dentals, spays, neuters, and other important medical procedures for the 160+ dogs that came into our rescue this year! Plus we were able to help pay for the daily medical needs of our beloved sanctuary dogs! We could not do all of this without your help!

As we look towards 2019, we are hoping to break ground on our much dreamed about Cocker Sanctuary! We are looking for donations towards our building fund so that we can build a relaxing and comfortable home for dogs who would be without a home of their own. You too can help make this dream a reality! Donate today and your tax-deductible donation will go towards providing a forever home for cocker spaniels in need.

sanctuary art


Looking for an easy way to give back every month and still end up with that beautiful charitable donation write-off? Sign up to become one of our monthly donors! These donations go directly to the care and medical treatments of the dogs in our rescue! Every dollar helps!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see updates of our wonderful pups and see all of the good that your donations do!

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