Devon Needs Urgent Surgery

Devon here!

I went to my vet yesterday for a limp and now I need surgery! Yikes! I have a ligament that is torn in my leg and the doc said that it will not heal on its own. I am in a foster home right now, and I don’t want to lose this chance at a happy ending!

In this picture with me is my BFF Chloe. ❤️She went to the vet with me, and she helped me to not freak out so much. I am only a young pup (2 to 3) so the recommendation is surgery ASAP. BUT… it is going to cost $810.00. Can you believe that? I really need help so that I can spend the rest of my life with Chloe. She has become my very own ESA: Emotional Support Animal. I am so very lucky that Chloe loves me no matter what, but I want to run and play with her, and to take care of her if she needs it!

Please help me to spend my life with this family! They are perfect for me! And Chloe lives with them! Every dollar helps! Every penny helps! I appreciate all the help I have received so far, and I am so grateful. I never knew there were such kind people in the world until Second Chance took me in and cared for me. I know that someday I will put all of the abuse that I have suffered behind me! I will keep in touch with updated info for all who have cheered me on! Hugs always, Devon!

If you can help donate towards Devon’s medical care, please click here! All donations are greatly appreciated!

Can’t donate today, please like and share our posts. Every little bit helps!!

We Need Your Help

We are making progress slowly but surely at the Sanctuary. The water damage in the trailer is being fixed one room at a time. We have had one shed built to cover our well pump and filters and another one is being ordered to be used as a laundry room and storage shed outside the trailer. Beth has found someone to generously donate a used washer and dryer for us. They will be picked up as soon as the shed is in place.

We have run out of funds in the Building Fund after our first shed. We need $2600 total for the second shed and someone has committed $1500 matching funds so we just need $1100 to get it on order. Can you help? This shed is very important. We have started to get donations of stuff and have no where to put them.

We need someone to help weed wack before the Oct 12 weekend house warming. We want everyone to have enough room to park, picnic and walk around where the kennels will be built without rolling in stickers. Someone has donated a used gas weed wacker, can you donate a week end to help us tidy up?

Mary and Wayne have offer to donate 8 tons of pavers. They would make an amazing meditation garden. The pavers are in Santa Barbara and we need help getting them  to Jamestown…any one have a flat bed truck who is willing to help? We can help pay for gas. Even if you can only take part of them that would be tremendous help.

We also need help getting our 27 ft travel trailer from the Hemut area to Jamestown. It just needs a ball and hitch to pull it and again we are willing to help with gas. We need that up here by the Oct 12th weekend too if at all possible.

And if you can’t help move the pavers or travel trailer then maybe you can help donate towards the gas?

And last but no way least the first order of memorial pavers was delivered. We are looking for someone to help design a memorial wall and water feature for our memorial garden.

Vet Day for Daisy May and Charlie

It’s vet day for Daisy May and Charlie.

Daisy is having SEVERAL teeth extracted along with multiple bumps removed.

Charlie is having cherry eye surgery along with having a few bumps removed and some tests done to determine why he is always panting and why his belly is so firm and distended.

In all, we are looking at a vet bill that will be close to $1,800-$2,000 for these two today.

If you are able to donate to help cover their vet bills, we would be eternally grateful. Even a few dollars helps when it all adds up.

We will keep you updated on how their procedures go! Thank you for all of your support. We couldn’t save wonderful dogs like Daisy May and Charlie without you!

Charlie is lucky enough to have a few people interested in him, but Daisy May is still looking for her forever home. We know someone out there will show this sweet little blind girl all of the love and affection she deserves. Both dogs qualify for our sanctuary program.

Both dogs are currently in Simi Valley, CA. If you would like to give either of them a loving home, please fill out our adoption application.

Charlie – Our Newest Golden Boy

Poor Charlie. His owner died and he found himself at the shelter. He hasn’t been taken care of in a long time. He deserves the best life and I know we can give that to him!

Charlie is terribly matted and has an obvious cherry eye. He also has horribly infected ears and a large wart on his other eye. Despite all that he has wrong with him, his full tail is always wagging and he is a kissy monster. Charlie is also incredibly smart! He knows all of his basic commands! This boy will be the PERFECT companion for a very lucky person!!

Charlie is 12 years old and qualifies for our sanctuary program. While we wait for a furever home, we need a foster home for him ASAP. We would like a foster home to place him in while he gets some much needed medical attention. Charlie is scheduled for a vet visit on Monday. Hopefully his cherry eye and ear infections are the worst of it. We would really appreciate some help coming his upcoming medical costs.

Charlie is neutered, house trained, unfazed by rabbits and other dogs, and loves kids (all people really). He is currently in Simi Valley, CA. Please help share this baby! He needs a loving family to help take care of him! If you would like to give Charlie a loving home, please fill out our application.

Charlie’s Vet Bills

Help us get Charlie the medical attention he needs.


Bricks Save Lives And Honor Your Furfamily

The first order of the Memorial Bricks have come in. They are beautiful! Your purchase of a brick in honor or memorial of someone special, will help pay for the construction of a loving and peaceful Sanctuary home for Cocker Spaniels in need. In addition to helping our furry friends, your brick will have a special place in our Wall of Honor  in our memorial garden where your beloved pup, will live on forever and be a part of our legacy of rescuing with love. All the funds raised with this project will go toward building the Sanctuary.

Every 5 bricks that you order from us we can then place the order with the company that makes them so we can see what they look like and keep up on our orders.

Every brick has a story to tell. Let tell yours forever in our Meditation Garden. We will have a section just for these and we will be finding an artist to design our own wall/fountain/amazing piece of art.

Coins For Cockers

Want to donate, but don’t have much cash to spare?! We have a way you can give back with just the change in your pocket! It doesn’t take much to make a difference!

Coins For Cockers is a so simple to do and can make a huge impact for our many cocker spaniels in need. All you have to do is collect your loose change and and send it to us when you are ready. The way our family does it is to collect it, roll it, deposit it into our bank account, and then either mail a check or make a paypal donation to @secondchancecockerrescue in the amount that we collected. So easy and it adds up so quickly!

Not Just Cocker Spaniels…..

Visiting our Sanctuary is so much more than Cocker Spaniels. The Gold County has so much to offer you will need to stay a week or more to enjoy it all. Jamestown alone has an amazing Train Museum with train rides and a working round house. There are antique shops, great restaurants, hiking, events like a yearly car show and so much more. Then there is Sonora, Columbia, and the Sierra’s offer hiking, skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, horse back riding, lakes, rivers, mountains and scenery that will take your breath away. Yosemite is only one hour away and Lake Tahoe two hours in the other direction.

So, come visit and stay for the best vacation you have had in years….or do like we did and stay!

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