August Update At The Sanctuary

Dogs in: Alwin, Millie, and Daisy Mae came up from our facility in Southern CA, Dakota and Jimmy came from the Castaic shelter, Teddy, Lilly were re-homed from a kennel in Walnut Creek and Bailey was a rehome from the Bay Area. Adoptions: Daisy Mae, Rory, Allie and Dakota!

This month we have been working in the menus and  sending out the invitations for the Open House and BBQ at the Sanctuary on Oct 8th.  We hope you can all make it. It should be tons of fun and lots of good food. You can feed treats to the horses burros and goats. Pet and love on the dogs and have a good time with other Cocker Spaniel people. Please RSVP by Oct 1st if you can come.  Frank our new part time kennel attendant started this month and we are delighted with him. He will give Ericka some well deserved days off. We also need more volunteers to help groom the dogs. Ericka is doing a great job but it is too much for one person. We will train you how to bath and clip a Cocker!

Enjoying the wading pool in the hot weather…

This week we are getting ready for the super hot weather coming up. Doggie misters, swimming pools, AC in all the Bungalows. They will be as comfy as we can get them.

Welcome To The Sanctuary

5 Comments on “August Update At The Sanctuary

  1. Hi.
    I live in Portland OR. I love cocker spaniels, i would love to come out & visit the sanctuary, & look at the adoptable dogs.
    for the barbecue. However, I’m coming from portland, so i would like to come for the weekend Friday, Sat, & Sunday. Would that be possible? How far is the sanctuary from Portland. Would i be able to drive? Do you have accommodations, or is there someplace nearby?
    I’m looking to adopt a cocker after my senior cat goes. He is my only pet right now.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • We would love to see you at the BBQ and give you a tour of the Sanctuary. There are quite a few motels and many of them allow dogs. If you have an RV we have plenty of room to dry camp. It is about a 10 hour drive from Portland. I suggest you get your application in so you can get approved before you get here. That way you can take home your new baby.

      • Thank you very much. Can you send me the names and #s of a couple of motels that are close to you. I will arrange the nights. Can i fill out an application even if i don’t have a specific dog in mind right now? I was hoping to meet them at the sanctuary to see who is available.
        Thank you.

  2. Sending donation by mail. love cockers and my Hidie .she passed away but I now have another sweet angel -Sharon De Rosa

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