Second Chance Cocker Rescue Turns 20 Years Old This Year!

We remember how proud we were to have our non-profit status and were ready to go out and rescue some Cockers! We decided to start by introducing ourselves to the local rescues and shelters in the area. The three main shelters were all on the same street so we just started knocking on doors. Everyone was very positive and welcoming and we were feeling pretty good by the time we got to the last shelter on the street run by a local group, DAWG. As we knocked on the door, who should greet us but the founder Shirley Jensen one of the, if not the, pillars of rescue in the Santa Barbara area. Once she heard what we were doing, she threw up her hands, shouted wait right there and turned and ran off. She came right back with a black and white Cocker Spaniel asleep in her arms. She unceremoniously dumped her in my arms and said. “She is blind and deaf and 14 years old. You can take her can’t you?” Well, you can be sure we were not going to tell Shirley Jensen no, so Emily Grace came home with us.

Shirley and Emily Grace taught us more about rescue and what it takes to do it right than anyone else over the years. Shirley taught us that you never know what is coming around the corner and challenges are just a new chance to grow. Emily Grace taught us that dogs, even blind and deaf ones, can have an excellent quality of life and never take what you have for granted. Our motto, Saving lives, one dog at a time, was born that day. Emily Grace lived for almost two more years in a home with an older woman who thought the world of her. She was pampered, spoiled and loved rotten every day of the rest of her life. Emily Grace was the foundation for our Sanctuary program and in her spirit we have offered hundreds of dogs the last, best months or years of their lives.

We don’t count the last 20 years in the numbers of dogs we have rescued. Those are just statics. We remember each face, each story and how it touched us, one dog at a time.

If you would like to join us saving more lives this year,


SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383


Thank you in advance.

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