We first saw Simba in the shelter listings a couple of weeks ago and watched him while waiting for his wait hold to be over. His owner finally came and claimed him, then he was picked up by Animal Control two days later and taken back to the shelter. We saw him again and again; we watched and were waiting for him to become available so we could get him. Fortunately, his owner relinquished him this time and we swooped in and grabbed him.

Upon seeing him in person we were horrified at his condition. Matted fur everywhere and some of the worst ear infections we have ever seen. Black matted fur and his ears are bleeding from him scratching them so much. The smell is overwhelming, not to mention all the foxtails that were pulled out during his groom. The matting was extensive and bad. He must have been living outside because the smell was so significant you could never have had him in the house. We pulled out a couple dozen foxtails that were embedded into his skin.He is all groomed now and we know he is feeling much, much better.

Donations for Simba’s medical costs

3 Comments on “Simba

  1. hi. we are interested in adopting a cocker or cocker mix. there are several we are interested in knowing about. please let us know. thx. Wendy

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  2. So sorry about Simba, Elizabeth. Thank you for giving him a chance to feel cared for and loved..

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