We Need Your Help!

The bills are adding up and we desperately need your help!

We are so very grateful for all the donations that we receive, and although we have received a few very large generous donations, overall our donations for 2019 were significantly less than in prior years.

When donations are down we are unable to perform as many rescues as we wish we could. We are a small rescue and rely heavily on the generous donations of our friends and supporters. We can only do so much with the money we are given as vet costs seem to be rising every year and the dogs we continue to take in, and commit our rescue to, continue to be the ones that need the most medical care.

We would like to continue our outreach and save as many lives as we can, but we cannot continue to do so without your support and generosity. Donations are needed every day to support the medical care of our sanctuary dogs whom we provide lifetime medical care for, to continue to build our sanctuary for our long term rescues, and to continue our global outreach and rescue dogs from other countries including dogs from the Asian dogmeat trade.

Please rest assured that all donations go directly to the dogs that we save. We are a nonprofit and none of our volunteers or board members are paid for their services. Our fosters also willingly give their homes to our dogs and provide unlimited love, training, and all the daily essentials. All donations are tax-deductible and we are happy to provide you with a receipt if requested. We hope that you will continue to support us in our mission of saving lives one dog at a time! We are so grateful for the community around us and all of the rescue that you, our friends, allow us to accomplish!

There are so many ways you can make a difference in the life of a dog in need! You can donate via the donate button on any of our Facebook posts. You can donate directly through our PayPal page and choose where you want your donations to go. You can mail us a check (PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383). You can even become a monthly donor! Please consider giving what you can!! Every dollar adds up!!! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!!!

From The Dog Meat Trade To The Top Of The Class

Who’s the goodest boy?!! Jin is!!!!

Congratulations to this smart puppy on completing his puppy training classes and passing them with flying colors!!! We are so proud of him!!

It’s so hard to look at Jin and think of the horrific conditions that he came from and all he’s had to overcome in his short life. Thanks to all of the support we received for our SCCR Global Rescue Fund, we were able to save Jin, along with his mom sister and 2 other cockers, from the dog meat trade in China!!! We look forward to welcoming his dad plus 4 more dogs to the USA next month!! Keep those donations coming and we can keep saving more lives!! Look what these dogs can accomplish when they are given a second chance!!!!

Saving Shad

Can you help us help Shad?!

Shad was adopted from us back in 2017. He’s been loving life with his forever family and doing great, except for his ear!

Poor Shad has a reoccurring growth in/near his ear that needs to be removed again. Luckily the tumor is benign, but removal will be tricky. Our vet is confident that they can get the whole thing. The surgery will be very expensive and we are asking for your generosity once again to help us get Shad the care he needs.

Once a Second Chance Cocker, always a Second Chance Cocker!! We are committed to helping all of our dogs whenever they are in need, and your donations make it possible. If every one of our friends donated just a few dollars, it would add up quickly. Thank you all for your continued support!

2020 Will Be The Year Of The COCKER!

Greetings from Second Chance Cocker Rescue. This past year was a busy one for all of us at SCCR, and we have no intention of slowing down in 2020!

As you know, our primary mission has always been to rescue and find loving homes for Cockers throughout California. At times we have been called on to expand our reach to neighboring states. And, this past year we went worldwide by launching our Global Rescue Fund. The inaugural class flew from China to Los Angeles in October. This crew of five beautiful Cockers was saved from terrible conditions associated with the dog meat trade. It took a veritable squad of people to coordinate their rescue, but our amazing team of volunteers was up to the task. I am happy to report all five are now thriving. Another five are set to arrive soon, rescued from the same unthinkable fate, and we can’t wait to meet them.

In news closer to home, we purchased land for our Sanctuary made possible in no small measure by long-time donors The Maios. A place where our seniors who have yet to find their forever homes can reside in comfort, the Sanctuary will also include space to house adoptable Cockers we are unable to place in temporary foster care and Cockers in need of behavioral training for aggression and other socialization issues.

We are thrilled to see this dream becoming a reality. Our efforts last year focused on the permitting process and cleaning up the property. This year we will build the kennels, erect fencing, and construct a parking lot. A generous donation from Timothy and Connie Wagner, made in memory of their special boy, Arlo, has made this possible. We are pleased to announce the facility will be named “Arlo’s Second Chance Sanctuary.

On behalf of all of us at Second Chance Cocker Rescue, I would like to thank you for furthering our mission. You have made a real difference in the lives of so many deserving Cockers (and a few Cocker-wannabes). Thanks to you, more than 150 dogs realized their best lives last year, and their adoptive families have been blessed with the unique brand of love rescue pups offer.

Rico, Floyd, Madee, Duncan, Belinda, Furby, Lucky, Dante, Daisy May, Happy. These are just a few of the Cockers for whom you provided so much last year. Thank you once again for being there. Every day, I am humbled by your amazing support and generosity.

With gratitude,
Elizabeth Mazzetti
Founder and Exec Director
Second Chance Cocker Rescue

Donations to help us save more Cockers in 2020

Build It And They Will Come!

We are very excited to announce that Timothy and Connie Wagner have donated enough money to start building our Kennels…we have enough to put in a parking lot ( mandated by the county ), build the kennels and put in all the fencing! This incredibly generous donation is in memory of their very special Cocker Spaniel Arlo. In his memory we are naming our Sanctuary “Arlo’s Second Chance Sanctuary”. This donation will help us get up and running in months instead of years!

So we are starting out the year with 21 acres of land. As you see lots of trees, grass and shrubs but not much else. Soon we will have pictures of our new 10 spot parking  lot, working on building kennels and putting in fencing. We will keep you up to date and the pictures flowing. We expect to end the year with lots of stories and a full kennel up and running.

Ericka Caudillo will be our Sanctuary manager and she and her family are already moved into the trailer and are helping us get ready for the dogs. She is perfect for this position.

We still need your help, we need another washer/dryer set, an ATV or Golf cart, gravel for paths, heaters/coolers for the kennels,  shelving and storage boxes, we have tons of projects that still need your help with….

Be part of the dream, donate towards the Sanctuary. Arlo would approve!

Yappy New Year!!

Comet wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone for all you have done this year for Second Chance Cocker Rescue. Because of you we have been able to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate many dogs, and we now have a sanctuary to call our own. If you are thinking about a year-end donation please consider us. We are a 501c3 non-profit and 100% of donations go to help our dogs. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

What’s your holiday mood? Feeling like Santa or The Grinch?!

Little Jin is celebrating his very first Christmas this year!!! What a lucky puppy to have a loving forever home in a brand new country for the holidays!!! We wish every dog could have it so good!!!

If you have been thinking about adding a pup to your family, please check out all of our wonderful dogs that are in need of forever homes!!! You could give one of them a new life for the new year!!!

We also want to take a moment to wish all of our volunteers and supporters a very Happy Holidays!!! We look forward to all of the good we will accomplish in the new year!!! Our sanctuary is moving along, we are rescuing more dogs from the Asian dog meat trade, and saving more lives every day from our local shelters! Your continued generosity makes all of this possible!!! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!!!!!

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