Medical Pups Hoping For A New Start In The New Year

Meet Kawaii and Buddy Blue! Two of our newest Second Chance Cockers!

Kawaii truly is the embodiment of her name! “Pretty” in Japanese, Kawaii is such a pretty girl inside and out, she’s just in need of a little extra TLC so that she can really shine!


Coming to us from VCAS, Kawaii was turned in as a stray with a massive tumor hanging from her belly. It’s the biggest tumor I’ve seen this year! She’s is also severely matted and in need of a full grooming. Her poor condition does not dull her sunny and sweet personality! Kawaii LOVES belly rubs and just goes crazy for pets and cuddles. Her full tail happily wags when you talk to her and tell her what a pretty girl she is! Kawaii has been non-reactive to both cats and other dogs while at the shelter. I got to visit her on Christmas and she was a delight to play with. She is going to be a wonderful family dog!

Kawaii is being pulled from the shelter tomorrow and will be going directly to Dr. Card on Friday for her mass removal surgery. We are currently in need of donations to help cover her estimated $1,200 surgery and a loving foster home for her to go to by this Saturday at the absolute latest.

If you would like to help our sweet Kawaii, please call us directly at (805)558-0100 or fill out an application.


Buddy Blue is a sweet boy who is also in desperate need of our help!


Sweet Buddy Blue is just a little train wreck. Buddy is only about 10 years old, but due to his condition, looks so much older. He was pulled from the shelter several years ago and given to relatives by his adopter thinking that he would help them get over the loss of their other dog. Unfortunately for Buddy, he didn’t get the care and medical attention that he needed. His old adopter asked us to help step in and save his life.

Buddy Blue is scheduled to see our vet next week, but we would like to get him out of his current home and into a foster home urgently. Buddy would do best in a home with dogs that are the same size as he is or maybe a little bigger. He is afraid of small dogs. Buddy has not been tested with kids or cats. What Buddy needs most of all is a loving family who will help him heal and get on the road to a healthy and happy life. Buddy is a loving boy who likes to just chill with his people. Need a Netflix binge buddy? Buddy Blue is the boy for you!

Buddy Blue is scheduled for an exam on 01/03, but we are sure that it will lead to a few procedures for him. If you would like to help cover his medical expenses, please donate. Every dollar helps!

If you would like to help foster our Buddy Blue, please call us directly at (805)558-0100 or fill out an application.



unnamedBud is in desperate need of a home as soon as possible. The holidays can be so ruff for so many of our Cocker pups. Bud’s family unfortunately lost their home and have been forced to find a new home for their best buddy right away.
Bud is an 8 year old male who loves cuddling on the couch and playing with his family. Bud is obsessed with bubbles and is happiest when he can chase them around the backyard and then splash in the kiddie pool for a bit. He loves water! Bud is a really loving and mellow guy! He would do amazing in a family home with little kids who will blow bubbles for him all day long.
Bud is neutered, housetrained, and up to date on his shots. He gets along with other dogs and kids. Bud has a completely rotten mouth and needs a dental right away. He also has suffered from chronic ear infections and has hearing loss. Donations toward his medical care are so appreciated! Bud is a lovable guy and deserves a chance at a loving forever home! Bud is located in Corona, CA.
No dog wants to be alone, especially at this time of year. If you would like to give Bud a home of his own, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 558-0100 or fill out an application here.

Lady Sarah: Special Needs for a Special Dog

47368694_2907784702580517_9029009300533542912_nMy name is Sarah, but my new friends at Second Chance Cocker Rescue call me Lady Sarah now. I am a gentle, sweet girl about 12 years of age. Everyone loves me, but I am not used to such “royal treatment”, not from humans anyway. I met my new vet and had a physical , including multiple biopsies. She did a biopsy of the mass on my chest and the results from those tests were not the best of news. It is cancer, and it may be fairly advanced I heard. My vet is going to fix my ear and treat my eyes, and while I am under anesthesia she will explore just how far the cancer has metastasized. I will be boarded at my vets office during my procedures. I am asking for a home of my own, where I can live out the rest of my life in peace. How ever long that may be? Maybe someone can do a bucket list with me? I am well behaved and very polite. I am an easy girl to live with, and I am very open to snuggling on the couch47573661_2912288372130150_2536009473382678528_n together. Please consider making the last part of my life something special?
Lady Sarah

We are asking for help to treat this gentle girl’s medical issues! Every dollar helps! We have had many pledges to help before her rescue, but only one person has followed through on those pledges at this time. Please contact Elizabeth directly to honor those pledges for Sarah’s Rescue. If you’d like to give Lady Sarah a loving foster or sanctuary home, please SCCR directly at (805) 687-4674.
Please fill out an application here.

Home for the Holidays for this Trio

Nila, Max, and Mickey have been looking for a forever home since May!!! This bonded trio is running out of time at their current home and need to be moved to a foster home or preferably adodpted before the New Year!

46508739_2886823171343337_8987088645903089664_nNila is a 9 year old, spayed, purebred female who found her way to her current home after being rescued from a hoarding situation where the other dogs were attacking her. She can be separated from Max and Mickey, but would prefer to stay with her best friends. Nila is a sweet old girl who is very loyal to her person and wants to be loved and given all the plushy toys.

Max and Mickey are both 9 year old, neutered, cocker mix males. The last two puppies in a litter left at the shelter, their46628662_2886823184676669_7419802758301089792_n current family took them in together and that is how they would like to stay. Both love playing with tennis balls and playing chase with each other. They love their sister, Nila, but are ok being a duo.

46810996_2886823208010000_6918900874555162624_nNila, Max, and Mickey are currently living in Los Angeles , CA. If you would like to make these three wonderful pups part of your loving home, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 558-0100 or fill out an application here. We could not continue to help dogs like Nila, Max and Mickey without your help and donations. Thank you.

Rusty! The coolest one-eyed pup in town!


Meet the newest, and maybe handsomest, member of the Second Chance Cocker Club, Rusty!!! Rusty comes to us from Simi Valley, where he is well known and well loved in the local dog park community. Unfortunately, Rusty’s owner fell ill and Rusty found himself at the local shelter. They held him for as long as they could, hoping Rusty’s family would come and get him, but it just didn’t work out. Luckily for Rusty, our Rehoming Coordinator saw him pop up on the shelter website when he arrived and she recognized him as a pup her dogs used to play with at the dog park. She remembered Rusty’s sweet personality and her heart said that we needed to take him into our care if he ended up needing a place to go. So here we are now! Rusty is now an SCCR pup and is loving life in his new foster home!

Rusty is about 9 years old, neutered, and up to date on his shots. He is house trained and good with other dogs. Rusty was well socialized, but being a one-eyed dog, he sometimes gets surprised when a dog or person sneaks up on his blind side. He does great though if you talk to him and tell him what you are doing before you do it. Rusty is very outgoing and quick to explore his new surroundings. He loves going to the park and his new furever family must promise to take him to the park to play and run around all of the time! He gets so excited to jump in the car and go for a ride because he thinks he is going to the park! Rusty is great with older, dog savvy kids too. Overall, Rusty is just an adorable goofball who wants nothing more than to be your shadow and spend all of his time with someone who will love him like he deserves to be loved!

Rusty is currently located in Oak Park, CA. We have promised the community that loves him so much that we would find the very best home for Rusty. If you’d like to give Rusty a loving home, please SCCR directly at (805) 558-0100 or fill out an application here. Help us find Rusty a perfect forever home before the holidays! 

Seeking a very special person for our very special girl, Gina!


Let us introduce you to Gina! Isn’t she beautiful?!
Gina is a 2 year old little girl who is a very sweet, loving dog but has had a rough couple years finding her furever home because of her rare bladder condition.

Gina was born with an Ectopic Ureter, which led her to have constant accidents the first two years of her life. She had been bounced around to several different homes and it wasn’t until earlier this year, when she was taken in by a shelter in Fresno, CA, that they diagnosed her with the condition and raised the money for the corrective surgery. The only problem is this surgery is not always 100% effective and Gina will likely deal with incontinence for the rest of her life.

It was hopeful for Gina’s current home that she would become completely continent so she could be an indoor dog, but unfortunately in the three weeks that she has been there, she is not showing signs that this condition is fixed totally. The accidents are not constant anymore but she is not completely cured. She still leaks a bit and leaves a puddle when she’s napping. Gina has shown that she can hold it sometimes, but her accidents are usually unpredictable.

Gina is not fond of diapers and is quite adept at taking them off. Poor girl, she does get embarrassed when she has an accident, but she truly can’t control it. She’s hoping to find a home where she can come and go freely indoors and out and not be shamed for something she can’t help.

Gina has a very sweet disposition, though it does take her a bit to get to know and trust new people because of all she’s had to endure, but once she does all she wants from you is love and attention! And treats are nice too!! Gina will play if you really ask her to but she’d just as soon prefer to sit on you and be loved! She’s the perfect Netflix binge buddy!

Gina is in the process of learning her simple commands like sit and stay and is catching on quickly. Being so young and so smart, Gina is highly trainable and eager to please.

Gina is great with cats and other dogs. She has not been tested with kids yet. She is also spayed, up to date on her shots, and in great health aside from her bladder condition.

Everyone had seemed to give up hope for Gina but we think that with the right living situation, she will be a fantastic family member for someone. If you have a nice fenced in yard with room to spare for this sweet girl please consider adopting our beautiful little girl, Gina!
Gina is located in Henderson, NV.
If you would like to be Gina’s forever family, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 558-0100 or fill out an application here.

Gina would like to remind our Friends of SCCR of all of the many Cockers that we care for every day who are receiving medical care. You can donate here to help provide for the needs of our sanctuary, hospice, special needs, and brand new rescue dogs.




Puppies safe from the Camp Fire

We have puppies again!!!! These 4 baby boys sadly lost their home in the Camp Fire. Their family lost everything and couldn’t keep and care for the puppies in the midst of everything that they were going through. We are now lucky enough to be caring for these sweet 6 week old boys until they are old enough to go to their forever families. They might be mixes, but they look Cocker enough to us! And who cares what breed they are when they are this stinking cute!!!

Our boys are being fostered in Ventura, CA and we will start taking pre-adoption applications from serious adopters in the next week. They can go home in about 4-5 weeks.

If you would like to make one of these nuggets of cuteness part of your family, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 687-4674 or fill out an application.

Donations are also appreciated, to get these cuties vaccinated, neutered and any other vet care deemed necessary. Thank you!

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