H.A.L.O. Cocker Spaniel Registry

Helping And Loving Our Cocker Spaniels

 H.A.L.O. is a service offered through Second Chance Cocker Rescue to all Cocker Spaniel owners. For a set fee, Second Chance will be your cocker spaniel’s safety net when you are gone. If you sign up for our H.A.L.O. registry we will commit to take in your Cocker Spaniel when you pass away if no family members are available to take the dog. These dogs will be treated as rescue dogs and either adopted into new families or placed in our Sanctuary program where they will be loved and cared for the rest of their lives.

What H.A.L.O. is not:

  • It is not a separate rescue, H.A.L.O. will not take in dogs if the owner is still alive unless they are in Hospice.
  • It is not a sanctuary, dogs will be adopted into loving homes when possible.
  • It is not a Trust. We do suggest you make a Pet Trust and make H.A.L.O. part of the directions of where you want your dogs to go.
  • It is not a lost pet registry.

Fee Structure

*Registration fees:

$150 for the first dog
$75 each additional dog per household

**Acceptance Fees:

Within California:
dogs ranging from 0 to 3 years old– $1500
dogs ranging from 4 to 8 years old — $2,500
dogs 9 years old and up –$3,500

Outside California:
Add an additional $500 for transportation

*Registration fees are non-refundable. SCCR Volunteers are eligible for a 25% discount
**Acceptance Fees are only payable if we are needed to take in the dog. Prepayment Plans available on request

HALO Registration Package

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