H.A.L.O. The Best Valentines Day Gift You Can Give Your Cocker

H.A.L.O. Cocker Spaniel Registry

Helping And Loving Our Cocker Spaniels 

Molly, our HALO Valentine

Do you  know how many dogs’s owners pass away without providing for them?  We know they all want to but their choices are so limited. We are excited to be able to offer Cocker Spaniel owners a new, better option. We are launching our H.A.L.O. Cocker Spaniel Registry program today!  H.A.L.O. stands for Helping And Loving Our Cocker Spaniels and we know you all love your babies.             

Molly, our HALO Valentine

   H.A.L.O. is a service offered through Second Chance Cocker Rescue to all Cocker Spaniel owners. For a set fee Second Chance will be your Cocker Spaniel’s safety net when you are gone. If you sign up for our H.A.L.O. registry we will commit to take in your Cocker Spaniel when you pass away if no family members are available to take the dog. These dogs will be treated as rescue dogs and either adopted into new families or placed in our Sanctuary program where they will be loved and cared for the rest of their lives.

We know how much you love your dogs, now it is time to show them by signing your Cocker Spaniel up for H.A.L.O. today and give them the best Valentines gift ever.

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