Sophie Wasn’t Feeling Very Well

Sophie 1Sophia was sitting in the Mission Viejo shelter when she caught the eye of one of our foster moms, Julie. She called us and asked if we would consider pulling her. She offered to foster her and pay for her initial medical exam. Sophia had a huge hernia and several mammary tumors. We decided we couldn’t say no so Julie took home the next day and zipped her to the vet where we found out that she was diabetic and needed to be hospitalized immediately and we took over her medical bills from here.

Sophie 2Sophia got her blood sugar stabilized and is now feeling fit as a fiddle! She has more energy and there is a sparkle in her eye that was not there before.She will have her surgery to repair the hernia and remove the tumors this week.

Sophia is about 5-6 yrs old, great with kids and other dogs. She is a gentle little soul and very very happy to be snuggled into her foster home with such a wonderful family to take care of her. Thank you Kelly family! Sophia will be ready to be adopted very soon so if you want to get on her wait list contact us asap!

Donations for Sophia’s medical bills.

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