Thankful for Transformations

Today we are thankful for second chances and dramatic transformations! We have had so many dogs come to us in horrific conditions and the joy of rescue is to watch them transform into beautiful, happy, healthy dogs!

Cian’s Transformation

Our newest transformation is our handsome little Cian!! At only 4 years old, it was painful obvious that Cian had been neglected for a good portion of his life. When we pulled him from the Bakersfield shelter, his fur was so long and matted that it had turned into doggy dreads. He was clearly uncomfortable and was a little grump with the shelter staff. Who would blame him?! Poor guy just needed some TLC and a second chance!

Cian got his first real haircut in who knows how long the other day. We freed him from his fur prison and saw a loving happy puppy emerge. Cian has been so friendly and sweet with our volunteers. He’s showing us his real self and we are honored to help him on the road to healing, trusting, and loving again! We can’t wait to see the wonderful life he will live once we help him find the perfect furever family!

Cian still needs to have his medical needs addressed. Now that we can see the dog under the fur, we will get him all taken care of. If you’d like to help cover Cian’s upcoming vet bill, please donate today. Help us spread some kindness and pay it forward. Consider making a donation in honor of who you’re thankful for!

We’d love to hear who you are thankful for today! Leave a comment or send us an email with your Thankful Thursday story and we might just share it next week!

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