2021 Calendar Sneak Peek

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos! The pages are filled with the cutest dogs and we can’t wait for you all to see them!

2021 SCCR Calendar

Our cover model is the beautiful Wendy (aka Orchid)! Wendy came to Second Chance Cocker Rescue in October, 2019 as just a little puppy from China. Wendy escaped the dog meat trade with her brother Jin, momma Quiggley (aka Iris), and friends Baloo and Lily. Getting out of China wasn’t the first battle Wendy faced, first she had to survive Parvo. Unfortunately, 3 of her litter mates were lost while still in China, but we are so glad that Wendy and Jin lived, thrived, and made it here to SCCR. Wendy now lives the best life with her furever family in sunny SoCal where she goes on loads of adventures and gets so so much love.

If you love Wendy and all cocker spaniels as much as we do, we’d love to send a calendar to you! All proceeds from our calendars go directly to saving dogs like Wendy! We are so thankful for all of your support. We couldn’t save so many dogs from near and far without your help!

Pre-order your calendars for just $25 each — shipping included!!! Hurry and get yours before they sell out!!

Click here to order your 2021 Second Chance Cocker Rescue Calendar!!!

One Comment on “2021 Calendar Sneak Peek

  1. The stories of what you have done and are doing for these wonderful dogs melted my heart. Then I started thinking about how I became a cocker lover. I was 16 years old and the court took me from my mother. I was given a foster home with a wonderful family who had four cocker spaniels. I learned to love them all, dogs and people. Three years later I had my first baby who died at two days old from a heart defect. They couldn’t do what they do routinely today in 1963. My foster parents had cocker #5 and to help heal my aching heart they gave Susie to my husband and I. We loved her until the day she died. One that very day, 50 years ago, we went to the pound and brought home a mix of who knows what, but there was a little cocker in there. Two weeks ago my last cocker, Blondie, died. Through my tears I found your website. Wouldn’t you know I lived in San Diego California until the Navy sent me to Washington DC, and though now retired, I’m planted in northern Virginia. I would be the perfect home for one of your special needs treasures. I have asthma so don’t do alot of walking and definitely not outside. The heat or cold, the pollen, the pollutants, and just the exertion trigger an attack. But my daughter lives with me. My son and two teenage great-grandchildren live in the same condo complex and love dogs and love outside exercise. Leo was a treasure for all of us. He got loved and loved everyday by all five of us. Leo loved to kiss us and wag his tail so hard the whole whole back of him wagged as well. Leo was rescued from a hot barn with no water or food. He broke from the lady who delivered him to me and ran straight into my arms and started kissing. Do think they might have a sixth sense or something? Perhaps they know doggy love when they see it. Thank you for what you do. It is so important for the dogs and selfless love you provide makes such a wonderful gift to the dogs and all of us, .I will keep looking for my next love here, but if I don’t find my next love, I’ll send my daughter on a much appreciated trip to San Diego to bring one of your treasures home to me. After she visits her friends and sits on the beach for a couple of days. Joan McGarity

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