Second Chance On Set Again!

Milo and Colin on the set of Home & Family

The last several months have been so strange and unreal with everything going on in the world. We have all been missing our friends, our families, and the little things that make up everyday life like going places and just being around other people. We’ve missed seeing each other and all of our rescue partners. Animal rescue is not only about the lives we save, but the relationships we build with those people trying to reach the same goal we are.

We have especially missed our friends over at Home & Family! It feels like forever since we shared our Second Chance Cockers with the Hallmark Channel audience (really it has only been 7 months, but who’s counting), and we were so thrilled to be invited back to the set last week. We had the opportunity to bring not one, but two of our very special pups to the show this time! Our team of spaniel-loving super volunteers got everything arranged to take Milo and Colin to set while following all recommended health and safety guidelines.

Milo and Colin but did so great on set. They made friends with all of the cast and crew. They enjoyed lots of belly rubs, and relaxing under the trees while watching the trucks and trams drive by. Once on camera, both boys unleashed their tv star potential. We will be surprised if we don’t get a flood of adoption applications for both of them! Their Home & Family segments will air on Tuesday 9/29 at 10am/9central on Hallmark Channel. Be sure to tune in!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Milo and Colin yet, here’s some more information on these incredible pups. They are such gems and the families that adopt them will be so lucky to have them in their lives!

Milo is about 11 years old and obviously blind! He is a big boy, 40-ish pounds. He is a big squish. He is having a hard time with being blind, but he is adjusting. Milo has a Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs that has been donated to him to help him adapt in his furever home. He unfortunately had his eyes removed when he came to us due to sever glaucoma, but it seems he has been blind for a while.


Milo likes it low key so a quiet calm house for him please. He gets around ok, just kind of a big doof! He is fine with the other dogs but gets overwhelmed with too much activity or chaos, noise, etc. He would do best in a home where there are not more than one or two other dogs. He’s very sweet. Might be ok for neighborhood walkies, but don’t plan on much activity with this big boy. That said, he does need exercise but if someone just puts him out in the yard, he will just wonder and bark until he gets tired, then lay down and sleep.

Colin is approximately 9 years old. He is such a sweet dog. He really loves people and he does have some separation anxiety. He is all over everyone and everything every minute he is awake. Colin will not do well in a home with any re-active dogs or any that are queen bees. He wants to be friends with everyone and doesn’t understand other dogs don’t necessarily want to be his friend.


He is very sweet and would do great with a single person or a couple that want a nice companion to take for walks, etc. Not super active people that want a dog to take hiking, etc. He is not up for that stuff but he would love walkies around the neighborhood. That said, he does like some activity, but nice and easy for this old guy. He is about 30 pounds.

Both boys are currently in Romoland, CA. They are actually bunk buddies right now and get along really well together. If you would like to give either or both of them a forever home, please fill out our adoption application.

We can’t wait to bring more of our lovely Cocker Spaniels to Home & Family!

Here are their segments:



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