Archie’s Second Chance


When Archie was picked up at the shelter his condition was so awful it traumatized our transporter and she has seen almost everything. The shelter had done an enucleation surgery, removing his eyes. The surgical area was bruised, swollen and his entire face was bloody. He was crying in pain.

Archie’s freedom day.
Poor guy. He was in so much pain.

We rushed Archie straight from the shelter to the vet! They immediately put him on the correct pain medication so he could calm down. When they checked his paperwork it showed that he had been given the dog equivalent of Tylenol for pain instead of morphine, which he needed. His blood work showed an infection somewhere. His surgical site on one side was still weeping and bloody. And under all that mess was not a Cocker but a Shih Tzu.

Archie was sent home with one of our volunteers with good pain meds, antibiotics, and instructions to bring him back to the vet in a few days. He was too weak to do anything but make him stable and comfortable for the day.

Archie after his vet visit with a clean dressing and good meds

Most shelters offer decent medical care for their dogs but not all of them. Thank goodness they called him a Cocker Spaniel and we got him. We are happy to give Archie and second chance!!!

This little guy has been through a lot, but he is feeling so much better and is ready for a foster or an adoption. Luckily, Archie did not need any further surgeries. Being on the right medication and given the best care, made a huge difference. His recovery is over and he’s ready for his second chance!

All healed and ready to go home!

Archie is good with dogs and older kids. He’s a sweet little guy and deserves the best for the rest of his life.

Archie is about 10 years old. He is a Shihtzu mix. Archie is currently in Romoland, CA. If you would like to give him a forever home, please fill out our adoption application.

If you can find it in your heart to donate to Archie’s care and vet bills, here’s how you can help:



SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383


Every donation is greatly appreciated!!! YOU make all the difference in the lives of our dogs at SCCR!

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