Cash Needs Some TLC

Cash was living with a family for many years when he started to bite their child. They called us and we happily took him on. How do you say no to a face that cute?!

Once we met Cash, was immediately obvious what the problem was. He had very painful ear infections and one ear has a growth in it. The ears are causing him lots of discomfort and made him super cranky. He is very reactive to them being touched. Poor guy. Cash needs a dental too as his teeth are not so nice and one of his molars is broken. To make matters worse, Cash also has a huge tumor on his mouth.

Cash has a raging 5/6 heart murmur on top of all of his other heath problems. We took an x-ray to see what exactly is going on. Good news he does not have an enlarged heart. However, due to his age (14) and his significant heart murmur our vet does not suggest putting him under anesthesia for the masses or his teeth.  Cash is eating normally and it really doesn’t appear that anything is painful other than his ears.

This turned out to be a situation where we will make him comfortable for as long as we can and let him live out his last few months/years pain free. Cash is a good dog and we are dedicated to helping him live his best life in a wonderful home.

We will continue to monitor Cash’s health and would greatly appreciate any donations towards his medical care. Please give what you can. Every dollar helps. Cash appreciates it!

4 Comments on “Cash Needs Some TLC

  1. is dante still available for adoption? How much does he weigh?

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