Meet The Second Chance Seven

Second Chance Seven

We don’t know if it is that spring is in the air or it is just hoarding season, but we had TWO different hoarding cases land in our laps last week!

First we got Bode and Daniel from a hoarding case in the Northern CA area. They are beautiful boys. Bode is 3 years old and looks like a pure bred Cocker. Daniel is an adorable 5-6 year old cocker mix. They both came from a backyard breeder who had too many dogs.

Then these precious puppies came in. How could we say no to 5 little babies in need of our love and care?!

All Cocker mixes, they are about 9 months old and from a hoarder in the Southern CA area. Paisley, Romulus and Rufus could be triplets and Sadie Girl looks just like them only black and white. Buddy looks like he was not in this litter but came at the same time as the other four. They are all beautiful, but not well socialized. They need some TLC and lots of skilled and gentle handling. We are confident that they will come around quickly and become the best dogs. They are great with other dogs, cats and kids. Buddy might be more cockapoo, but it doesn’t mean we love him any less than his “siblings”. He is a bit more fearful and will need extra patience and support. Buddy and Sadie Girl still need a foster and some help getting them the help they need to blossom.

All of these dogs are fairly healthy for the conditions they were living in. They all need a vet visit, vaccines, microchips and a spay/neuter. We are looking at basic vet bills of at least $150 times 7! That’s $1050 TOTAL!!! Some of the dogs are in boarding awaiting their foster/adoptive homes and our boarding bills are at $850 and mounting every day. We have also paid $300 in transporting fees so far. We know saving these dogs is worth every penny, but we could really use some help offsetting these costs. Please consider donating to the Second Chance Seven! They need your help to get the best start to their next chapters.

If you would like to give Bode, Daniel, Buddy, Sadie Girl, Paisley, Romulus or Rufus a loving home, please fill out our foster/adoption application.

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