Teddy: A Sanctuary Boy with a Heart Full of Love

0Hi Debra,
Look how beautiful Teddy is.  I wish his health report was just as good.  He’s been on heart medication for the past month and he took a turn downhill this past week so the Vet is increasing the medication to two tablets twice a day instead of the one twice a day.  He had a lot of fluid in his lungs today.
We will keep him comfortable and happy but the Vet didn’t think he would have more than a few more months with us. The increase of the medications is the maximum dose they can give him. Sorry to report the sad news. His ears are the least of his troubles, but the ear infection is terrible the Vet said and we are trying something new.

Update: Teddy was flown to Helen and her husband in Oregon a few months ago as part of our Sanctuary Program. Teddy is getting the loving care, and the medical support that he needs. We so appreciate Helen and her husband who actually asked for Teddy in spite of his numerous medical issues that he came in with. We could not do what we do without the wonderful foster volunteers that step up to make a Dogs last years the absolute best they have ever had, more than likely. Please consider helping us with Teddy’s medical expenses. Also please consider taking in a sweet Teddy of your own by volunteering for our sanctuary program? It will be the most rewarding experience of your life!

One Comment on “Teddy: A Sanctuary Boy with a Heart Full of Love

  1. Bless you amd thank you for all that you do for those animals who need help you are an Angel on earth without wings.

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