Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

eb-and-mike-bulgaria-1Surprise! This Saturday is the birthday of our founder, and CEO of Second Chance Cocker Rescue. Elizabeth Mazzetti has spent the last 23 years rescuing, rehoming, and rehabilitating hundreds of Cocker Spaniels, and even more than a few “wanna be Cocker Spaniels!” To celebrate, one of SCCR’s long-time donors is offering to match any donations made in honor of Elizabeth during the month of November, 2018 up to $1,000. Would you consider making a donation?

One of Elizabeth’s wishes and goals is to find and build a Cocker Spaniel Sanctuary. We want to expand our senior dog sanctuary program and have a place we are proud to have you come visit and volunteer. The Second Chance Cocker Sanctuary will house senior Cockers in our Bed and Biscuit img_2606area, we will have a section for dogs who need training for aggression or can not be adopted because they are too dangerous, and finally we will have an adoptable dog area for dogs waiting for a foster or adopter to find them. We will continue to use foster homes as the base for our adoptable dogs, as they learn so much from living with our foster families that makes them more adoptable quickly. For our permanent residents, we will make a comfortable living area with what ever it takes to give them a good quality life. We will have paid staff living on IMG_2605site and lots of volunteers to help with the work load. We will need a work team of volunteers when we purchase our property to help build the dog’s buildings and create our Sanctuary.

If you are interested in learning more about helping make this dream come true with a donation to our building fund or volunteering, contact Elizabeth at 805-687-4674. Help us save more senior Cockers. There are too many getting dumped in our shelters every day.

We all love you EB! We respect your vision, and your passion for saving animals everywhere!

One Comment on “Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

  1. Happy 39th Elizabeth…great photo by the way. In your (birthday) honor, since I no longer use “PayPal”, I’ll be sending ( a computer generated) a check to your TW adr. You’re the patron saint of cocker spaniels! Sincerely, Mark, Charley & newbie Tilly.

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