0-2Hi there! It’s me, Marcus! I wanted to give all of you an update on my cancer surgery! Guess what? Dr Card was able to pull another miracle out of her hat!!! Can you believe it??  I had a huge surgery to remove the ginormous tumors covering much of my body. You probably remember the “disturbing photos” from before Second Chance stepped up to save me! Well, the Dr. said I have a very good chance of living to be a very old man now! Is that amazing or what??? I still have a few surgeries I must go through before I am tip-top though! I know I have been very a hard case to handle, but my friends never, ever gave up on me! Not once! I did hear them say that I was a real nail-biter? Whatever that is! Lol! I want to thank every one of you for not giving up on me either! You saved me! All of you! I will never ever forget that! I will spend the rest of my life giving the best puppy-kisses and hugs to every person I meet. Please continue to support my journey, as I have another surgery scheduled soon. I will continue the updates! I love everybody that helped me to live and find a forever family of my own!  Love from me always! Marcus.

Donations, large and small are appreciated so we can keep doing what we do, to help Marcus and all the other Cockers out there. Thank you!

One Comment on “MARCUS PUP-DATE

  1. Love to hear that Marcus is doing better. He is a cutie. Hope thing well continue to improve Karen

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