You Can Help Us Save More Dogs Like Marcus

Hello to all of  my wonderful Friends of SCCR! It’s me, Marcus!

unnamed (15)

I want to first thank you all for your ongoing support and generosity! Without you, the loving humans of Second Chance Cocker Rescue could not help so many of my cocker friends in need. Right now though, they need your help more than EVER!

I hope you remember my friends, Daisy, Roxy Girl, Joey, Elvis, Charles, Penny, and Juni! In the past few months, Second Chance Cocker Rescue has rescued several dogs who needed extensive surgery and medical testing to save their lives, myself included!

My friends and I are so grateful for all of the donations that we have received in this time, but it unfortunately hasn’t been enough to pay for all of our treatments and the treatments of all of my other cocker friends who have just needed routine medical care, boarding, or have other special needs that have to be paid for every month. May I be very honest with you? I have spent that last week here with my foster mom and watched her worry about being able to save more dogs when they have bills to pay for so many dogs already in their care. She says they are “maxed out” and have to find a way to get help for incoming dogs when they have no money right now and can not see their regular vets until their bills are paid in full. I overheard her say they need about $3000 to pay off the vet bills for me, Roxy Girl, Joey, Elvis, Charles, Penny, and Juni. We are such happy dogs and we love that SCCR has saved our lives! We wish we could pay them back for everything they have done for us, but we are only dogs. It is hard to find a job in the human world when you are a dog (shhh, typing is my secret skill).

Do you think that you could help us, please? With your tax-deductible contributions, we could raise the $3000 that SCCR needs to pay off all of the our medical bills, and they could save more dogs that have been abandoned and need someone to care for them. You can donate here and every dollar raised will go to the medical care, tests, surgery, and treatment costs of my friends and me! 

Want to do more to help? I have so many cocker friends who need loving foster or forever homes. Maybe you could open your home to one of them? Click these links to see all of the dogs that need homes and fill out a foster/adoption application. Hopefully you will find a new best friend to love while you help save a life.

Thank you all for hearing my plea. I love you all! Have a pawsome day!

-Love, Marcus

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