Daisy Feels Hope For The First Time In Years

*WARNING: this post includes pre and post surgery photos*

We were contacted by Daisy’s family a month ago. Her family requested that SCCR take their family dog, Daisy, because she had health problems they couldn’t handle themselves. We agreed to take Daisy so that she would not be euthanized. Daisy had numerous health problems including: numerous massive mammary tumors, calcification of her ears from ongoing, untreated ear infections, and eye infections as well. SCCR went to work immediately! Phase 1: She was assessed by our vet and a date was set for her surgery! She had her 3 largest tumors removed day before yesterday. Her immediate comfort was our top concern, and we wanted to help ease her pain and make getting around a little easier for her. Phase 2: We are working on the next part of her treatment, which includes getting results from the biopsy so that we can see if the cancer has spread any further. If she is given the go-ahead from her surgeon, then she will have her other tumors removed, and she will be spayed. Phase 3: After a short recovery time, we will assess her severely calcified ears, and then her eye issues. After using antibiotics and topical treatments to reduce inflammation and swelling, we will have a better idea of how to proceed on those issues.

PUP-DATE: Daisy is currently staying with our rehoming coordinator, and for the next few weeks she will continue to receive the royal treatment! She is resting comfortably, and is enjoying the company of her temporary foster pups. None of these experiences has changed Daisy’s sweet nature. She is so very gentle with kids, and is a very loving girl. Today we like to hear a message from Daisy herself!

Daisy: “ I would like to thank everyone for all the love you have given me during my illness, and recovery. I have not felt such in all the years I have been alive! I feel very lucky to have so many people giving to cover my numerous medical bills. I just wanted to tell all Cocker moms and dads to PLEASE, PLEASE spay and neuter your beloved babies! At 6 months of age and up to the age of 2 is the best time! After that age, if you are breeding lots of puppies the chances of getting mammary cancer dramatically increases. Did you know that??? I want to help save my brothers and sisters out there. If I don’t survive this, I want to know that my pup-friends are going to be ok and live a long and happy life! All of my best puppy-hugs and love to all of you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Donations for Daisy’s surgery

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