Weighing in at a Whopping 10 lbs

​Natalie is sooo skinny, emaciated, ribs hanging out not an ounce of meat on her bones. But she has a bright eye, good blood work and we are hopeful that we can put some weight on her bones and get her healthy again. Natalie is a King Charles girl weighing a whopping 10 lbs at the vet. We will weigh her once a week.​ She does have a bad heart murmur but that might go down when she is healthy. It doesn’t seem to bother her now. We will watch her like a hawk.

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We had to buy her a cat collar because the small dog collar didn’t fit. Her waist is the same size as her neck…imagine! She will be on thyroid medication and that should help too.

4 Comments on “Weighing in at a Whopping 10 lbs

  1. Let us all donate a little something to help this sweet baby Natalie…how horrendous that someone left her in this condition…I just know that SCCR is going to help her regain her health and beauty. YAY for SCCR…please let us all know when she might be available, and how old is she?

  2. Oh what a sweet baby!!! ❤️💔❤️ I would take her in a heartbeat for the rest of her life!!! Wishing her happy fat days ahead!!! 🍔

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