Wally’s World

My name is Wally. I heard the shelter say I was in terrible shape, and that I have Wally after2been neglected all of my life. I only know that I have had a hard time, and now that I am a senior, the way I have been treated has caught up with me. I am a happy fellow though! Even though I have a large bleeding mass on my cropped tail, I can’t help but wag it all of the time! I love people, dogs, and everyone I meet! Please help me to get these masses removed from my tail and my behind, and I will be able to live the rest of my life to the fullest! I am living with my new mom Carolyn now, and she will fill you in on my health issues. Love from me! Wally!
Please help us help Wally. No donation is too small. Thank you.

Update from Carolyn who is caring for Wally:
Wally is a train wreck!!!   Bilateral cataracts and appears to me to have glaucoma in at least one eye. Ears infected and can’t hear much anyway.  Filthy dirty (just had a bath) Wally after3and matted mess…..various lipomas all over his body, and the abcess the shelter mentioned that was on his rear end is actually on his nub…..it literally looks like someone whacked his tail off and left a stump.  Not nice at all.  I have started cephalaxin and carprofen and am calling Dr. Card to see if any of the glaucoma eye drops I have will be ok.
He has been ignored for a very long time and no question he has suffered.

Got his hair cut today…….he is remarkably wartie, poor old guy.
I didn’t find any other ‘bad’ growths. He has a number of lipomas and a hard mass on his right rear flank….and of course the tail nub mass.

One Comment on “Wally’s World

  1. Elizabeth, is it possible that the lipomas and mass in the back are treatable? When will you know about his vision?

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