A Forever Kind of Love

22095914_2118725431486452_6569970546294865700_oMy name is Tilly Milly, and I was adopted by some people from Irvine, CA about 9 months ago. It turns out that these people were not real patient with a senior (ME) that can’t help but piddle a few times in the house. My owners just brought me to the shelter requesting euthanasia. I didn’t know what that was exactly… Luckily, the shelter changed my status to “owner relinquishment.”  Whew! The reason they decided to take me to the shelter stated, “due to a few instances of inappropriate elimination in the unnamed-4house,” and my “need for costly Cherry Eye surgery.”  I lived with another dog, who was my very best friend and they took that away from me too. Enough about my past, here’s a little about me. I am a very friendly and social girl with everyone I meet, and I behave very well around other dogs. I am 11 years old, with many good years ahead of me, if I can get my medical problems taken care of. Here is a list of problems needing attention that the Vet gave SCCR.

Shelter Medical Report: Tilly has cutaneous masses that will require surgical removal, Cherry eye and Keratoconjuctivitis Sicca, that will require surgery and eye medications, and pyoderma requiring long term medical intervention, as well as grade 4 dental disease requiring surgery, and finally, otitis, requiring a sedated exam to determine severity. So this is where I need your help! All donations, large and small are appreciated!

I know it seems like a lot of problems but I assure you, I am worth it! I also need a new unnamedforever family that will love me with a Forever-kind-of-love!

Love ya,


PS: A huge thank you to Lanark and her family for fostering Tilly!

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