Ann to the Rescue

This is a letter to one of our volunteers, Ann who worked with a woman who was trying to rehome her dog, Harley. One day she got home and found that her mother had taken the dog to a high kill shelter and left him without telling her. She was beside herself but Ann was able to step in and we saved him.

Donations in  honor of Harley and Ann

Hi Ann,

I can’t even explain how I felt when I saw Harley… it had been awhile. I was just a wreck upon arriving but after seeing him yesterday I just broke down crying in the parking lot. I had never been to an animals shelter and I can honestly say this whole event has changed my life forever. I met the young lady you guess sent in the parking lot she approached me then I soon realized she was also there to rescue him too.
I spoke with Lisa afterwards when I got home, and I felt so bad after crying for hours upon hours but then soon I realized this is something you guys do all the time and I’m not even sure how….. Your love for these helpless dogs is so heartfelt and loving. I honestly from the bottom of my heart and so thankful for you ladies. What you guys do is so thankless and a lot of your hard work (behind the scenes) goes unnoticed but because you guys love to the degree you do these dogs and an opportunity to live a better life, a life that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for you. This whole things has opened my eyes and at first I wish half of that I didn’t have to see…. those animals crying, people coming in asking about how to put there pets down,  although I always knew that stuff happened being there and hearing and seeing them made it too real.
I did get your update message about Harley 🙂 and It filled my heart with joy! I’m happy he is adapting well. I wasn’t sure how he would do around other dogs but I’m sure its heaven for him compared to where he came from and what he had been threw. When I saw him he was crying and as soon as I opened my car and he saw his “house” that large dog carrier and tried to jump in like he was saying PLEASE TAKE ME HOME!!! he was attached to that maybe because it was the only thing he knew also that’s where he slept every night outside.
I just want with all my heart for him to have a better life. He spent most of his life alone…. and outside and I have no doubt you’ll find him a home where he’ll be loved like he deserves. I will call you today after work if that’s ok or please let me know the best time to reach you. I will forever be bonded to your rescue organization for everything you gals have done so far. I have always been an advocate for adoption but this has made me aware that so much more can but done especially education on the owners part. All of hose dogs at the shelter are there because there owners didn’t want them anymore or couldn’t afford them…I’m sure you deal with cases like Harleys daily but Lisa almost mentioned to me that your the best and you wont stop until you find him a great home and that brings me to tears to know that’s you guys love these dogs… you don’t even know, more then the families that had them. WHAT A BLESSING!!
You have so many things going in your personal life yet you still make time to save a life…. like Super Women 🙂
We’ll take soon

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