Request from Bethany



“Dear Elizabeth,

I have been living with Ceci for a little over a month and I have gone from a quiet, shy puppy girl with a red itchy butt to a silly, full of energy, happy doggie.  My butt still itches some, but it is getting better and I am always trying to run away from a bath or some ointment that Ceci wants to put on my skin ( it is getting better though).

I used to whine a lot when she would leave me even for a few minutes because I was scared she wasn’t going to come back. She always does. And she takes me to the beach, on runs with her on San Francisco hills – she can’t keep up with me (: and everyday to the dog park to try to make new friends and play ball.

What I have learned is that almost a year ago, Ceci lost her little doggie Maggie to cancer. She has pictures of Maggie everywhere and gosh darn it,  I look a lot like her.  I know I cant replace Maggie, but I try to make Ceci smile again.  I listen to her commands, I snuggle with her at night and during Sunday afternoon naps, and I even bring her dead birds as presents.  Ok, so she wasn’t crazy about the dead birds, but I really do try to make her happy. And Ceci smiles more nowadays and she has all these silly little names for me.

So, Elizabeth, I know Ceci wasn’t sure initially if she wanted to keep me.  And I know there are other people that want to adopt me, but I think she would be sad again if I left.  Is it Ok if I stay with her forever?  I know she probably has to sign some papers and pay some fees, but I think she would be Ok with that. 

I want to THANK YOU Elizabeth and your friends for rescuing me from that scary shelter.  I never knew how good it could be.  🙂


(that’s what Ceci and her friends call me )”

(SCCR)Elizabeth definitely says yes to this sweetheart’s request.

3 Comments on “Request from Bethany

  1. Bethy.
    I think we met your Mum in San Francisco (Mission Bay) just after we adopted our very own CeCe. We lost our English cocker to cancer also.
    So glad you found each other – see you at Fort Funston one day to chase some birds!

    • Steph,

      You sure did! It was fate that I ran into you that day on the way to the Giants game. I came home and looked at the SCCR website and found Bethy ( renamed her Lolo) that night. Thank you again for directing me to SCCR and I hope to run into you all soon. We go to Fort Funston all the time.

      Ceci 🙂

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