Special Needs Puppies

All Three Puppies

Martha had three six week old puppies could not stand or lift their heads but they were eating well. Their other three siblings were normal, healthy puppies but these three were not thriving and it worried her. So when the vet said they would never be normal she was not sure what to do or where to go. One of the vet staff suggested calling us. We were intrigued and just happened to have a foster mom in Santa Barbara who specializes in special needs fosters.

The Girl, Kepmly

Martha agreed to drive them all the way up to Ventura where we would meet her and the three little ones. We did not know what to expect but we found three beautiful babies. They had fat little tummies and healthy coats but they could not stand or even lift their heads normally. They rolled around and bobbed their heads to see around.

Our foster mom created a sling for the puppies to use when eating. (Video of a Puppy Eating In His Sling) It is strengthening their legs and necks and allows them to eat with out getting food all over everything and everybody. She also is giving them sessions on the grass outside where they can roll around to their hearts content and build up more muscle tone in their bodies. The largest boy, Keane is already trying to take steps on is own and the other two, Kenway and Kemply are getting stronger every day.

We had our foster mom contact a group she works with in the Bay Area who specialize in special needs rescues. They have a lot of experience with neurological disorders and are very anxious to see them. She has planned a trip up in a couple of weeks and we will see what they think of our little ones. It is our hope that they will be able to one day, walk and eat on their own. They will never be normal but they can live a normal life with a family who understands their special needs.

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