Just Ask Dorie

Mimage1-5y name is Dorie…. or Dorie-Dog, or Wigglebutt, or Sweetheart! I came into this world on Valentines Day, 2006. (Which was appropriate, I must say). I was named for a fish in a movie! Can you believe that??? I am ok with it since my grand-human, Ethan Daniel, named me when I was born. He was 2. He had another name too. Ethan-Daniel-the-Cocker-Spaniel. We were best friends from the beginning. I would image2bathe him every time I saw him, (which he didn’t like because he is about to turn 14 this year)! LOL! I did it anyway! He was MY boy!
I was trained as a therapy dog, and I went to work with mom every day to a children’s clinic. I passed my test, and was certified as a real therapy dog at the age  of one year! Molly, my younger adoring sister, went with us every day for nearly 5 years. We loved meeting kids in the lobby, and hearing them squeal with joy, when they saw us in our dresses and hair bows. I helped several kids prepare to testify in court, and share their sad stories. I would lay on their lap to make it easier for them. I visited many places while I was a working girl, eventually settling into retirement in my golden years.
Several years ago, I got Valley Fever. Nasty Business!!!! The medication I took for a year damaged my kidneys, and I began to sleep a lot. Well, to be honest, my mom couldn’t tell because I slept ALL THE TIME. I loved sleeping on my mom’s expensive Serta pillows, where I took my final breath in this wonderful world! I was adored to the image3end, and spoiled rotten to the last minute of my life. I am now living at my new home in heaven, just to the right of the Rainbow Bridge. I am with my mom’s little boy that died of cancer at the age of 11. Funny that he looks a lot like my Ethan Daniel, and he adores me too! He doesn’t like me bathing him either… but he will get used to it! LOL!
I loved my job at Second Chance Cocker Rescue. I answered the questions from cocker owners, in the “Just Ask Dorie” blog! I loved answering questions and telling Cocker families how to spoil their Cocker Spaniels! I have one request before I go back to bathing my boy! Can you see it in your heart to give to this amazing cause? I met hundreds of Cockers that did not have the blessings that I enjoyed with my family. Please help them to find their forever families? Every donation helps! My mom is donating a 100$ in my name today! Because I am worth it!

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