Coco’s Story

CocoHi, my name is Coco. My life has not been easy so far. I was with a family who wasn’t good to me. A few weeks ago, police came to our house and my owners surrendered me. Fortunately, Second Chance Cocker Rescue heard about me and took me in. They saw what a mess I was, but knew that with some TLC I would soon live a very different and happy life. I promise to get these nice helpers at SCCR to take some new photos of me. The one here was on my freedom ride. I know my eyes look kind of bad. I have cherry eye and either glaucoma or cataracts. SCCR will be getting that checked really soon. I know my ears look pretty, but inside of them I have a bad ear infection which is being treated.

I’m not ready for a foster family quite yet, but I will keep you posted on what’s going on. Because of people like you, dogs like me who are in bad situations or dumped in shelters with little hope of getting out alive, get that second chance. Thank you for all you do to help us and help me to get better, and find a family that loves me who I can love in return. I’m a really good boy, I promise!

Love, Coco


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