I Need a Little TLC!

JonesyA week ago I was just a number. I long number behind bars in a cold, scary place. People walked by and laughed at me, but I wasn’t sure why. I’m cute and lovable. I was hoping one of them would take me out of the kennel to play with me. I prayed with my little paws for a way out. The stars must have been aligned because a really nice lady came, took me in her arms and brought me to a warm and comfy home. I heard her talking to some others, saying I have something called a prolapsed rectum. I’m not sure what that means, but I do know that I’m not that comfortable around my back side. I may look silly sitting like a frog, but it’s easier for my tushie. I heard her say they are going to fix me up so I will feel good and look good. I’m so happy to have this second chance to have a happy, healthy life. I promise to keep you posted!

Love, Jonesy

Anything you give to help our newest medical needs dog, Jonesy is so appreciated!


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