I’m a Barbie Girl, In a Cocker Rescue World

Meet Barbie. Isn’t she pretty? Second Chance Cocker Rescue snatched her up from the San Bernadino Shelter last week. She’s a mini girl, only ten pounds, approximately one year old. She may have a little Doxi mixed in with her Cocker blood.

Barbie loves playing with other dogs, fetching balls, running around with her foster mom, but she is also a little nippy if someone comes toward her too quickly. We are working on letting her know not all people are bad, and that she can trust again.

Barbie has a large hernia or tumor which needs to be removed. We are getting that taken care of soon. She will also be groomed, trained IMG_3112and ready for a foster and soon forever home. Could you see this sweet face in your family? If so, please fill out an application.

Any donations toward her surgery are much appreciated!

Thank you!




2 Comments on “I’m a Barbie Girl, In a Cocker Rescue World

  1. Barbie was adopted in July 2016. She is now known as “Hope Faith Chavez”. We call her “Hope”. She lives with her family, mom, dad, 2 brothers and her big brother “Milo” in Ventura Ca. Milo is an all “Black Labadane”. They totally love each other. They enjoy walking to the beach and to the dog park. Hope was a gift, adopted for me by my husband, to help me get through the passing of my mother, on July 7, 2016. She is my perfect lap dog, still very petite and oh yeah she totally loves long rides in the car. Hope AKA Barbie, was sheltered at the Cocker Spaniel Second Chance site in San Jacinto. When we visit the Veterans Cementary in Riverside, where my mom has been laid to rest along side with my dad and is not far from San Jacinto. Hope runs free, smells the air and always walks to the end of the fence looking off into the distance towards San Jacinto. Hope will never forget her rescue and where she received her initial kindness and care. As I set off to work in the morning Hope whimpers, but soon cheers up while spending the day with her dad and Milo. When I arrive, Hope and Milo are ready and waiting to greet me with Love and Kisses. Our family has been truly Blessed.

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