Two Classy Dogs with a Rough Past

10456042_1361633860528950_2962574687765067262_nLook at these adorable faces, Rhett and Scarlett! These gorgeous Cockers were found together dumped on a street in Tulare, CA. A good samaritan took them to the Bakersfield shelter. Second Chance Cocker Rescue scooped both of them up as they appeared to be inseparable. It is not often that we get young bonded pairs.  After taking them to the vet, it appeared that Scarlett, 2 to 3 years old, had had many litters and most likely the people who dumped her IMG_1413didn’t want her or her mate anymore. Rhett appears to be around 4 years old. Besides Rhett having an ear infection, both are in good health.

These two have great personalities. They are wonderful with other dogs, adults, kids, and seem ok with cats too! They love giving puppy kisses and love snuggling. They are great on walks and love riding in cars. They must be adopted together. They become agitated and won’t eat IMG_1415well when separated, even for only a few minutes. But seriously, who would want to see Rhett and Scarlett separated?

We are having them spayed and neutered and then they will be ready for adoption! Any assistance with their veterinary care is deeply appreciated!

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