Buddy and Bow


Buddy and Bow had their mom pass away while she was on vacation. They were left with their sitter who couldn’t help them. Buddy is twelve years old and has Cushings disease. Bow is seven and they are inseparable. This is a hard pair to get adopted so the shelter called us for help. We took one look at them and agreed to take them. The staff at the shelter drove them all the way to Santa Barbara to make sure they got here safely.

IMAG0199They were upset and stressed when we meet them but they quickly settled in and they are delightful! Buddy is a sweet happy boy and Bow sticks to him like glue. We are looking for a home for Bow who will take Buddy as well as a sanctuary boy. They are sweet , cuddly and love to play. We are so glad we took these two sweethearts.


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