We Love This Little Princess

RoxyGood Afternoon Elizabeth,
Well, it’s safe to say that I was truly smitten with that little red and white face.  My husband had to go to his parents house in the morning at the last minute.  So, my sister and I made the road trip together.  It took us a little longer but we finally made it.  Once I laid eyes on her it was settled.
She slept in the backseat of my car and didn’t move the entire trafficky way home.  My husband met us at the car and he instantly fell in love.  She is sleeping soundly with her pink blanket and is slowly meeting Chiriaco her older brother. In keeping with the name scheme of all my family cocker spaniels..her name is Chehalis…but we still call her Roxy.  Chiriaco is actually called Scooter..my little girl before her was Cheyenne–but we always called her Pookie or CheyChey Get the picture? It runs in the family. My parents two Cockers -Chiquita and Cherry Coke.
We love this little Princess.  She will go to the groomers at 10am tomorrow and I will send you a picture.  Thanks again for all your help.  This little girl was exactly what we were looking for!
She loves to cuddle and is enjoying going for her walks.  Thanks again!

2 Comments on “We Love This Little Princess

  1. These stories do my heart good. We have 3 cockers and I would love to adopt 2 more but Hubby says 3 is enough. I on the other hand say “There is no such thing as too many cockers.”

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