SCCR’s Birthday Party and You Are Invited!

Emily Grace one of our very first rescues!
Emily Grace, rescued in 2003!

Guess who is 10 years old this year? We are! Wow, we are thrilled to still be here doing exactly what we love to do. We have grown a little more and rescued a few more dogs each year. Now 10 years later we have a lot to celebrate. Over 700 dogs rescued.  Over 70 dogs placed and cared for in Sanctuary homes. Rescuing dogs over the entire state of California, we are leading the pack.

We started our annual Second Chance Cocker Rescue Picnic in 2009 and now  two other rescue groups in California and one in Mass are holding their own cocker picnics. Colton said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” boy are we flattered. While often imitated by, we are not affiliated with any other groups; we stand alone, with you, our supporters, making every dog rescued possible. We are going to be celebrating everyone of those dogs this year and we want you all to join us!

We have reserved the parks, started planning and are very excited about our very own original SCCR Fifth Annual Cocker Reunion Picnic and birthday party.  The Sacramento picnic will lead off on June 22, and then Santa Barbara will follow up on July 20. Keep the dates free, make your reservations and tell your dogs to pack their bags because it would not be a proper Cocker Reunion without them.

We want to showcase all our dogs at the picnics so we are going to create a collection of collages of all the dogs we have rescued over the last 10 years. Please send us pictures of all your “kids” with their families so we don’t miss anyone. You can email, text or snail mail them  to Elizabeth at 805-687-4674 or Second Chance Cocker Rescue, PO Box 3325, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

We will also be remembering all our kids that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Please send us their pictures too so we can celebrate their lives and remember how much they touched our lives.

We are signing up volunteers to help with the planning. Let us know if you would like to help us and reserve those dates!

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