You Helped Annie See Again!

AnnieAnnie came from the Stockton shelter. She was a mess but she cleaned up good. However at the tender age of 3 she was completely blind from cataracts.  We took her to the eye specialist and determined she was a good candidate for surgery. Annie could see again! We did not hesitate and scheduled her surgery.

Annie had her cataract surgery last week. It was a little more intensive than we thought but she came through like a champ. Her new dad Bill says, “Annie is doing great.  It’s like a whole new world opened for her. Thanks so much.” We say thank YOU!  Without your support Annie would not be able to see again today and although it cost more than we anticipated we think Annie is worth it!

Donate towards Annie’s surgery

3 Comments on “You Helped Annie See Again!

  1. 2nd Chance needs to be praised for all the love, time and unselfish efforts shown with each rescue of all these beautiful dogs.

  2. She is a beautiful little girl. Thanks for your continuing, though exhausting efforts. You’re right; they’re worth it.

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